For a good night’s rest, it is essential to get the right sleeping materials. Commonly used in Asia, bolsters have long been a sleeping companion for many. Whether it is used for decorative purposes or head support, the long narrow shaped pillow filled with cotton is loved by many. Read more about bolster pillows in Hong Kong here.


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GYDA Bolster tee HK$ 414.00 ITeSHOP
GYDA Bolster tee HK$ 414.00 ITeSHOP
Peacock Alley Cotton Pique Bolster HK$ 1,314.18 Saks Fifth Avenue
The Biology of Belief by Bruce H Lipton HK$ 127.49 Book Depository
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GYDA Bolster tee

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Decorate your home with bolster pillows in Hong Kong

Thinking of adding a splash of colour to your plain furniture? What better way to do it then with bolster pillows in Hong Kong! Decorative items such as pillows or cushions have a way of making a home look and feel cozier. Since we spend almost half our lives at home especially the bedroom, it should be decorated to appear homely. Make your home the envy of every interior designer with bolster pillows in Hong Kong.

Different types of bolster pillows in Hong Kong

Bolster & Pillow Set

The best kind of products come in a set, not only you can save money; it also comes with a matching bolster and pillow case. Whether if you’re young or old, there are all types of bolster & pillow set designs for everyone. For the youngins, cartoon patterns such as Sesame Street, Disney, and Homycat will bring joy to any kids face.

Waist Cushion

Waist cushions are not only used for decorative purposes but it comes with therapeutic benefits as well. The bolster evenly distributes weight to ideally provide relieve after long hours of sitting. It also helps alleviate pressure for those who suffer from chronic pain from prostatitis, pelvic or hemorrhoids. Leaning against the waist cushion also helps improve one’s posture. The waist cushion can be utilized on the bed or even on the floor.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are your best bet when it comes to giving your home a pop of colour. Choose from a selection of throw pillows that come in a variety of shapes, colours, and prints with bolster pillows in Hong Kong. Placing throw pillows in your home will instantly spruce up any old furniture. Also, you can add a style of quirkiness to your home with throw pillows in the form of emoticons. Looking for a little more detailing on your pillows, opt for throw pillows with an embroidered finish.

Dimple Pillow

The best pillow that any new parents could ask for is the dimple pillow, as often times, first-time parents would be worried about the proper way of handling their new-born. This type of pillow should be every newborn's best companion. It provides adequate support by keeping the baby’s head, neck, and spine in proper alignment.

Many of the bolster pillows in Hong Kong are made with high-quality material such as cotton, latex, and linen, bringing you superior comfort for your head, neck, and shoulder all day long.

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