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If you are looking for a new wardrobe to reduce clutter in your bedroom and give your space a makeover, check out the best wardrobes in Hong Kong below. You can read more about different wardrobes and why you should have one in your bedroom.


Top Bedroom Wardrobes Price List 2018

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2018 storage furniture When the quarter wardrobe DIY Non-woven fold Portable Storage Cabinet bedroom furniture wardrobe bedroom HK$ 220.00 AliExpress
Minimalist Combination Wardrobe Household Non Woven Wardrobe Bedroom Multifunctional Storage Cabinet Home Furniture HK$ 463.00 AliExpress
Free shipping track door track rail sliding door wardrobe furniture cabinet slide rail of a single HK$ 72.00 AliExpress
0129TB007 Modern Europe wood panel assembly custom made hanging sliding door wardrobe closet garderobe with dressing mirror HK$ 2,334.00 AliExpress
DIY Wardrobe Non-woven Fabric 4-Layer 10 Lattices Assembled Cloth Closet Dropshipping HK$ 235.00 AliExpress
Simple solid color wardrobe bedroom folding cloth wardrobe padded fabric closet convenient storage cabinet home furniture HK$ 456.00 AliExpress
6-layer simple wardrobe 25MM steel pipe Dust-proof and moistureproof cabinet Oxford cloth wardrobe bedroom storage furniture HK$ 573.00 AliExpress
DIY Non-woven fold Portable Storage furniture When the quarter wardrobe Cabinet bedroom furniture wardrobe bedroom organ HK$ 149.00 AliExpress
Simple Wardrobe Large Capacity Non-woven Wardrobe Curtain Type Dustproof Storage Household stainless steel storage furniture HK$ 490.00 AliExpress
Two Pcs/Sets Multifunctional Wardrobe Storage Magical Magic Hanger Rotated Folded Plastic Coat Rack Living Room Furniture HK$ 34.00 AliExpress

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The Importance of a Wardrobe in your Bedroom

Our bedroom is our most private space in the entire house. It is our private sanctuary where we rest and spend quality time by ourselves. As such, clutter tends to builds up quite often since we throw our books, clothes, and other items all around the room and then find ourselves struggling to find them when we need them again. We might also get a nagging from our dear mothers when they step into our rooms and seeing the condition of our messy rooms! That is why a wardrobe is needed so that we can keep our room organized and neat.

The bedroom can look congested and messy if we keep dumping things all over the place. This might cause unwanted accidents to happen as well, such as slipping after stepping on a piece of clothing, or stepping on a covered toy (ouch!). The solution to avoid these problems is simple – deploy a wardrobe in your bedroom and you will find that your room will be tidier than before.

Many people have the misassumption that a wardrobe is simply used to store our clothes, but in fact, they provide many more benefits such as being a convenient storage area and provide extra space in your room.

Increase Ground Space in Your Bedroom

A wardrobe usually consists of a few compartments for you to keep various items. With a wardrobe in your bedroom, you can keep your clothes, as well as other objects such as shoes, caps, and even unused schoolbooks and notes, making your room much tidier and giving you more space to move about.

A Convenient Furniture

A wardrobe enables you to keep your stuff in an organized manner since you can store similar categories of items in the compartment. Hence, if you want to look for something, you just need to open the wardrobe and what you are looking for will be there. No more digging into piles of clothes just to find a pair of clean socks anymore! This saves you time to get ready!

Some Tips for Choosing the Right Wardrobe

Having a wardrobe in your bedroom is important. With all the mentioned benefits above, it is impeccable that you have this furniture in your living space. To help narrow down your search, here are some tips on how to choose the right wardrobe for your bedroom:

  • The right type. The first thing to do when shopping for the right wardrobe is knowing the right type. There are free-standing wardrobes that we all know and love, sliding-door wardrobes, and the big coveted walk-in wardrobes.
  • The right size. When choosing a wardrobe, size and the lack of it is important. Before you start furniture hunting, have accurate measurements of your living space and where you want to put your wardrobe.
  • The right budget. As much as we want to own expensive furniture in our bedroom, having a good budget for a wardrobe is crucial. Be sure to look for ones that are within your range of budget.

If you are looking for wardrobes in Hong Kong, be sure to check out the hottest from brands like IKEA, Alpha, and so much more!