Korean skin care is currently the most advanced across the world. With a wide range of skincare products have emerged in recent years, choosing the best product that suits your skin type might be a challenge. However, there is one brand that differentiates itself from others with its signature plain black and white packaging. Despite its simple packaging, Belif offers the best skin care solutions that based on the use of medicinal herbs. So, get pass your Decidophobia (a fear of making decisions) and try Belif products that are made of natural herbs.


A truly natural skincare brand

Although Belif skincare and cosmetics products have no fancy packaging, what makes it stand out from the industry is its true herbal cosmetic creations. This Korean skincare brand uses medicinal herbs as its main ingredients that are derived and extracted from natural herbs. With advanced Korean cosmetics technology, Belif utilises a 1860s British herbalist’s traditional herbal processing method in the manufacturing of its products. Belif is a modern cosmetics brand that uses this 150-year-old traditional herb processing technique by Duncan Napier to create a skin care miracle that will help modern people with their skin problems.

Our skin is our body’s biggest and fastest-growing organ, but many people tend to not have a good skin care routine nor use the best skin care products. Formulated using traditional herbal fermentation and modern Korean skin science, Belif skin care products are suitable for sensitive skin as it has ingredients that moisturizes skin texture, helps troubled skin conditions and replenishes the skin with sufficient moisture. Belif’s natural formulation is designed to provide the best efficacy and care for the skin.

The best four Belif products:

  • The True Cream Aqua Bomb (50ml) – A gel-like formula that instantly hydrates your skin, suitable for those with combination and oily skin that need proper hydration. This product’s secret ingredient is Lady’s mantle, an extract that is soothing and moisturizing at the same time. This oil-free formula is not only lightweight, it will keep your skin clear and supple too. Users can expect an improved overall complexion with this formula if used over time as it is easily absorbed into the skin.
  • Hungarian Water Essence (75ml) – This ultra-light liquid essence will immediately seep into the skin upon application, filling your pores with water. Formulated with lavender, rosemary, antioxidants and a mix of apothecary herbs, this essence will replenish lost moisture of the skin.
  • The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb (50ml) – With a cream-like texture, this moisturizer has a non-sticky texture that is rare among many moisturizers in the market. This is because Belif’s moisturizer is formulated to deeply moisturize the skin and provide up to 26 hours of moisture. This moisturiser also contains a secret herb called Comfrey Leaf that has detoxification properties that will leave your skin soft, smooth and clear of impurities. It can be used over makeup throughout the day when needed and as a quick five-minute moisture mask when applied generously onto the skin and tissue it afterwards.
  • The True Anti-aging Essence (75ml) – Say yes to youthful looking skin with this breakthrough two-phase anti-aging essence that has huge amounts of a naturally hydrating plant called Calendula. Also a favourite skin soothing formula that is greatly loved by the British in the 1900s, Belif combined this widely loved plant extract with a powerful natural anti-oxidant from the Amazon called acai berry to slow down the skin’s aging process. A dual hydrating layer is created with this essence that locks in oxygen to keep skin hydrated and supple. Users need to shake the product lightly to mix up the two formulas upon application.

Belif’s core values

Sincere – Belif believes in being honest with its ingredients and formulations of every product (check out their front and back labelling for accurate content information). As their products will be used by many people, only the best and natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process.

Real – Omitting fancy packaging, eye-catching adverts, Belif stays true to the original cosmetic properties, using natural herbs as its main ingredient. Belif wants its products to be a very natural skin care range.

Simple – Belif skin care range contains only key natural ingredients. No synthetic mineral oils, animal originated ingredients, dyes, fragrances or preservatives are used in the formulation of its products.

Although Belif is not the most popular skincare/cosmetics brands from South Korea, its True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is a serious cult favourite in its homeland. While other brands that have well-known artists as their brand ambassadors, Belif believes that the customers would appreciate it more when they can get the best value of Belif’s products instead of costly advertisements and endorsements. Users just need to find the best matching Belif’s formulas to their skin type to ensure that their skin complexion will experience better hydration. Pamper your skin with Belif products, taking proper care for your skin is the least you can do for yourself.

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