Bench is one of the Philippine's largest clothing line and to celebrate its success, they launched their first ever fashion week. Read about the trends here so you can stylishly pair your Bench clothing for all seasons.


Trends to look out for from the Bench Fashion Week

Bench Hong Kong, or widely known as BENCH/, has been around for quite some time. Although it first joined the fashion industry in 1987, Bench only recently introduced its first fashion week. Joined by other famous clothing brands, both local and international, Bench showcased its summer collection worn by internationally recognized models. The pieces from this collection are stylish yet functional so you can bear the biting heat and repurpose the clothes for other weather.

You can stay in-touch with the current fashion trends and avoid embarrassing outdated looks by wearing some of Bench’s clothing from the summer collection. Here are the trends you should look out for, and ultimately emulate, from the Bench Fashion Week.

Khaki & Military

Khaki pants and military prints for men took the spotlight at the fashion week. Perhaps this is because nothing else says masculine like army green, camouflage, and kakis. Wear khaki pants with a white, striped shirt and a pair of espadrilles or loafers for that Hampton-esque look. For a more laid-back look, throw on your most comfortable Bench jacket or sweater and camouflage sweatpants with your favorite Bench slip-on sneakers.

Show some skin

Bench showcased many of its off-shoulder tops, tanks, and shorts because of course, the spring and summer is the optimal time to be bearing some skin. Bench's skin-bearing clothes, like their black tank with a lemonade print and the two-piece off-shoulder ensemble in yellow, are super lightweight and absorbent, perfect for a hot day. With these skin-bearing clothes, you can even give your skin some color by getting a natural tan.

Prints & patterns

Nothing screams summer like floral prints and fun patterns. For example, Bench’s flowy midi dress with lemons printed all over the fabric. Looking for something a little bit subtler? There was a black baby doll dress featured in the fashion week and it was embellished with tiny plants all over. With this, you can celebrate the joy of summer while being a little bit more subdued.


For a more nautical theme, Bench’s wide array of striped clothing can be a great addition to your daily ensemble. Stripes are super easy to style and appropriate for many occasions. Match your stripe tops with some denim skirt or pants and add a bandana over your head along with a pair of fun earrings. There were also several colored striped shirts featured in the fashion week, like the blue, red, and white romper and the green, black, orange, and pink long-sleeve top.


Any of your outfits are never complete without adding some accessories. The jewelry and bags from the Bench Fashion Week are bold and quirky, like the pair of orange earrings that look like tiny tangerines and the watermelon-shaped cross-body bag. The military theme was also apparent in the accessories section as any female models were wearing army green berets complete with faux medallions paired with a one-piece pantsuit and green khakis.

Bench clothing for other seasons

One of the great things about the clothes from Bench Hong Kong is that they’re very versatile. When the rainy or monsoon season comes, or if you’re going overseas to a wintery land, you can repurpose some of the items listed above. The most important thing when dressing up for the colder weather is to layer and Bench clothing items are very easy to stack up.

You can still wear the khakis and military pants during colder days, just make sure you layer it with some Bench thermal wear or long johns. For your revealing, patterned, skin-bearing tops, pick some cardigans or thick jackets to layer on top of it. Pick an outerwear that is open and can show your top so you bring a little bit of summer wherever you go. To top it off and to make winter or rainy fashion not dull and boring, complete the outfit with Bench’s eccentric accessories. Replace your shoes with some sturdy sneakers or boots so you won’t ever slip on icy snow or puddles of water. To finish it off, why not don a hat or put on a pair of Bench socks so you can give yourself extra warmth. Bench also has a series of trendy umbrellas to protect you from the cold rain.

Other Bench products to check out

There’s more to Bench than just their apparels and accessories. They also have a line of bath and body products including perfumes, lotions, shaving gel, soaps, and even makeup. All the bath and body products are made with natural, organic, and non-evasive ingredients. You can purchase Bench apparels and bath and body products from the Bench online store or here through iPrice. Browse through the discounted products for both men and women.