Bio-Essence is a Singaporean skin care brand with an interesting choice of ingredients. However interesting they may be, the products from Bio-Essence are highly recommended to treat skin conditions and improve it for the better. To know more about Bio-Essence in Hong Kong, read the article here.

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Top Bio-Essence Price List 2021

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Top-selling Products from Bio-Essence with a Twist!

Nowadays, people are highly interested in skin care products containing organic ingredients sourced straight from nature. These ingredients include clay, charcoal, sugar, and so forth. However, there are brands that utilize uncommon ingredients for their products. Ironically enough, these uncommon ingredients may have more benefits than other natural ingredients.

Bio-Essence is one of those brands to utilize ingredients like 24-karat gold, royal jelly, bird’s nest, and snail secretion. They surprisingly have many benefits for the skin, despite being strange and uncommon. These are the five best-selling collections from Bio-Essence Hong Kong that contains out-of-this-world ingredients.

Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold

Gold is known to be high in antioxidant to fight against radicals and eliminate signs of aging. It also strengthens the skin’s defense system and refines visible pores and imperfections. The products from the Bio-Essence 24k Bio Gold uses real, pure gold flake and are infused with Bio Energy Fluid to ensure faster and deeper absorption on the skin. They can restore the energy, radiance, and nourishes the skin. The top selling products from the 24k Bio Gold line from Bio-Essence is the 24k Bio-Gold Water, 24k Bio-Gold Day Cream SPF 25, the 24k Bio-Gold Night Cream, 24k Bio-Gold Skin Radiance Night Cleanser, and 24k Bio-Gold Miracle Finisher.

Bio-Essence Royal Jelly with ATP

Royal jelly is deemed to be able to restore the femininity of one’s face and skin. It’s a thick, milky-white, and crème substance secreted by nurse bees. They’re highly nutritious and provides anti-aging properties like no other substances. Also combined with the Bio Energy Fluid, it prevents the skin from sagging, lifts, and firms the skin to restore the natural contour of the face. Using the Bio-Essence Royal Jelly products can reduce visible wrinkles and lines by 40% after 10 minutes of usage. Recommended products from the Bio-Essence Royal Jelly line includes the Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly and ATP along with a stronger “extra strength” version, Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly and ATP, Deep Nourishing Toner With Royal Jelly and ATP, and Deep Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly and ATP.

Bio-Essence Tanaka White

The products from the Bio-Essence Tanaka White line uses several key ingredients including the tanaka tree bark extract, tranexamic acid, alpha-arbutin, and camellia. Tanaka, or thanaka, is a paste made from ground up tree bark with a whitening a cooling effect. Arbutin helps with pigmentation and dullness, tranexamic acid with keeping the melanin production at a certain level and lightening dark spots, and camellia moisturizes and improves translucency. If you’re looking to whiten and brighten your skin, consider the Bio-Essence Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Night Cream, Tanaka White Double Whitening Mask, Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Cleanser, and Tanaka Bio-White Advanced Whitening Refiner.

Bio-Essence Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nest is one of the hardest natural ingredients to procure as not all types of bird’s nest contain the same type of benefits. The bird’s nest extract that Bio-Essence uses is rch in collagen, plumping up the skin and helps retain the skin’s elasticity. It also helps prevent pigmentation in areas that are prone to dark circles or redness. Bird’s nest stimulates the process of skin’s renewal, a crucial step to fight aging signs. The products from this line are combined with amino acid whitening complex and peptides for an advance anti-aging benefits. Top selling items from the Bio-Essence Bird’s Nest are the Bird’s Nest and Peptides Nourishing Collagen Mask, Bird’s Nest and Peptides Perfect Cleanser, Bird’s Nest and Peptides Skin Advancer, Bird’s Nest and Peptides Plumping Capsule Essence, and Bird’s Nest and Peptides Overnight Bouncy Mask.

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

It is no doubt that water is extremely beneficial for our overall health and well-being. The Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water collection targets not only the face and skin but also the body and hair, truly a product line that promotes well-being. The products are ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. They are low in mineral content but plenty in trace minerals in order to cool, soothe, soften, moisturize, and avoid irritation. Bio-Essence uses a unique Bio technology to combine natural spring water with Bio-Energy Fluid to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation. They also contain at least SPF 30 to protect you from the harsh UV rays. The best-selling items from the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water line are Miracle Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 30 and a more powerful SPF 56, Miracle Bio Water Soothing Cleanser, Miracle Bio Water Foamy Cleanser, and Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover.

Despite using ingredients that aren’t normally used by other major brands, Bio-Essence skin care can solve all your skin-related worries in a snap.