Well-crafted, the Birkenstock shoes are some of the finest designs in the world. Aside from their gorgeous designs, they are able to maximize support for your feet. Wherever you go, the Birkenstock shoes offer comfort and joy for those that wear them. Read more about Birkenstock shoes in Hong Kong here below to find out.


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Birkenstock Madrid single buckle sandals

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News about Birkenstock Shoes

Move aside Nancy Sinatra, boots aren’t the only thing made for walking. Birkenstock sandals are a German miracle footwear that will make your daily on-foot commute a breeze.

Move aside Nancy Sinatra, boots aren’t the only thing made for walking. Birkenstock sandals are a German miracle footwear that will make your daily on-foot commute a breeze.

Best Birkenstock Shoes that Revolutionize the Shoe Market

People have always known Birkenstock as a solid brand choice when it comes to shopping for sandals and shoes. While there are tons of Birkenstock products in the market, you do not need to worry because there is a simple guide that leads you to best Birkenstock shoe choices. Here are some of the best Birkenstock shoes that revolutionize the shoe market.

Birkenstock Bartlett

More than just a regular leather shoes, Birkenstock brings its new level of creativity with the release of Birkenstock Bartlett leather shoes. They are an appealing designs which attract their own admirers effortlessly. Even those that doubt leather shoes as fashionable accessories have accepted Birkenstock Barlett as an exception to the rule. The Birkenstock Bartlett uses a sturdy leather with a thickness of 2.8 to 3.2mm as upper material. Recognized by its untreated surface, this Birkenstock Bartlett leather shoe proudly utilizes a natural leather.

Available in color choices such as white, black, brown, black/black, light grey, cuoio, and just grey, the Birkenstock Bartlett gives you different color schemes to suit your preference. When you are wearing it, you can go never wrong with it. As a matter of fact, it has been cited as one of the best leather shoes that show its quality and appeal. Most importantly, you can pair well with any outfit. Smart and sophisticated, the Birkenstock Bartlett leather shoes give you clean and sharp appearance.

Birkenstock Boston Essentials

Modelled on the original cork, the Birkenstock Boston Essentials shoes are simple design that is forward-looking. Reflecting the future of shoe design, this Birkenstock shoes certainly show that it is still possible for shoes to evolve to the next level. With the Birkenstock Boston Essential shoes, the future is here indeed. They are made from ultra-lightweight and highly flexible EVA.

After the entire EVA material has been tested for any harmful substances, it showed none but countless positive attributes that set it apart from other dangerous material. Since it is safe, this Birkenstock shoe can use it in its construction. It gives the Birkenstock Boston Essentials an amazing design that is skin-friendly, waterproof and highly elasticated. This Birkenstock shoe is perfect for wearing on the beach, in the garden or in wellness and spa areas.

Birkenstock Jenks

Thanks to its airy fabric material, the Birkenstock Jenks shoes are the perfect choice to be worn under hot and sunny weather condition. As for their materials, they use high-quality textiles that are made of natural fibers. These extremely versatile materials add more comfort and space to the Birkenstock Jenks design. With its stretchy bands, they make it much easier to put the shoes on and take them off again. When you are wearing them, they fit your feet perfectly. If you do not want to wear socks, the Birkenstock Jenks are still the great choice because they still maintain the same level of comfort and support.

The Birkenstock Jenk shoes are simple design that offer maximum comfort, support, and stability. Their flexible EVA outsole has been cited as one of the most impressive features because they are flexible and durable. Needless to say, they are one of the hottest products that are released by Birkenstock.