Considered as a luxury brand by many, Blumarine Hong Kong reflects the beauty of the sea. Taking its calmness and seamless beauty, Blumarine takes you on another journey with their exciting collections ranging from haute couture fashion, fragrances, and accessories for men and women! Check out our selection of Blumarine products in Hong Kong or read more about the brand.


Take a Dip in Haute Couture Fashion with Blumarine Hong Kong

Blumarine Hong Kong is the fashion world’s best-kept secret. Unique and ultimately classy, the brand boasts a selection of products which would redefine the way you see luxury fashion. Ensuring top quality products, exciting new designs every season, paired with a selection of fragrances and accessories, you can never find anything more enthralling than Blumarine.

About Blumarine Hong Kong

Founded by Anna Molinari and her late husband Gianpaolo Tarabini, Blumarine is an Italian fashion house which provides top quality luxury items ranging from fashion and clothing to health and beauty. The brand was first established in 1977 in Capri situated in the province of Modena. The couple’s love for the color of the sea inspired the name “Blumarine”.

The brand debuted in the fashion industry in 1980 at Modit in Milan where the brand became designer of the year. This led to their first appearance in the prestigious Milan Fashion Week the following year in 1981. Five years later, Blumarine released a collection exclusively designed by Anna Molinari in the 1986 Milan Fashion Week.

With Blumarine at its core, the newly established company created several brands such as the Miss Blumarine in 1977 for girls 8 to 14 years old, Blu Girl in 1995 for teenagers, and Anna Molinari which is a luxury brand.

The name behind Blumarine

While Blumarine was created as a collaboration between Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini, it was Anna that designed most of the collections. Nicknamed as the “Queen of Roses”, Anna takes inspiration from these dazzling blossoms, becoming the embodiment of femininity. For Anna, fashion is a mix of sensations and emotions, as well as cultural influences which looks into the past to create a better future, creating a modern, seductive, and feminine fashion for women.

The Blumarine Collection

Blumarine for women

Blumarine Hong Kong is a brand aimed for modern women. Sexy, ultimately feminine, and unique, the brand has a main collection which expresses a noir-inspired elegance with a hint of floral themes and positive and negative motifs. Another Blumarine for women collection is the Blumarine Lounge and Underwear collection which is inspired by the winter flora. Mainly using roses as the main motif, the collection boasts a selection of pinks and soft blacks using a soft jersey knit effect, silks, and laces. Lastly, Blumarine takes it a step further with their Bridal Collection, boasting a great selection of gowns which exudes in romanticism and grace.


When it comes to accessories, Blumarine is a name you should always sought after. Blumarine’s bag collection is not something you would see everyday. Made from top quality materials, the finest leather and mink, combined together with premium craftsmanship, Blumarine bags provide a unique sense of luxury. Aside from their extravagant collection of bags, Blumarine also has several selections of shoes such as boots, sneakers, flats, and sandals. Headwear, gloves, and luxurious scarves are also available from Blumarine.


Collaborating with American singer-songwriter Anastascia, Blumarine has created an excellent selection of eyewear, perfect for everyday use. Distinct to her style, the collection features three gorgeous sunglasses styles and two optical frames. Each style has specially designed frames in modern shapes, incorporating unique features, and decorated with precious rhinestones. Each pair of glasses comes with a customized case bearing Anastascia’s signature.

Health and Beauty

As the Queen of Roses, Anna Molinari incorporated perfumes to her collection. The three main collections under the brand’s health and beauty category are Anna, Ninfea, and Rosa. Anna incorporates the scent of peonies, Ninfea takes the beauty of water lilies while Rosa takes you to a whole garden of roses which gives a strongly evocative fragrance. From the packaging alone, you would know that these fragrances are luxurious and long-lasting.


Dedicating an entire collection to girls ages 8 to 144, Blumarine has created Blugirl as a separate brand. From their Fall Winter 2016/17 kidswear collection, Blumarine takes soft-spoken elegance and harmony and materializing them into a collection of fresh prints, with fruits and flowers. From a sequence of colors in black, touches of muted green, coral, ecru with a combination of beige, pink, and blue, Blumarine Hong Kong creates and exquisite and unique kidswear collection.

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Made in Italy with excellence, Blumarine Hong Kong is not your average Italian fashion house. For almost 40 years, the brand has been providing excellent quality products from haute couture fashion, accessories, kidswear, and fragrances. Taking inspiration from the calmness of the sea and the beauty of a rose garden, Blumarine makes exceptional collections every season. Shop for your favorite Blumarine products in Hong Kong now!