Looking for the perfect cosmetic brand that is au-natural but still holds the power to blow people away? Look no further for Bobbi Brown has just what you need. From nude lipsticks to shimmering eye shadows and even a wide range of foundation shades, Bobbi Brown has it all. Check out the best Bobbi Brown makeup products in Hong Kong or read more about the brand below.

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Bobbi Brown Hong Kong - Tips for Choosing the Right Face Makeup

You might know the Bobby Brown that married Whitney Houston, but the Bobbi Brown who we are talking about here, the one with an ‘I’ is the woman behind the huge cosmetic empire that creates beautiful miracles for her women. It all started with a simple idea – natural-looking makeup and a lipstick that looked like your lips itself.

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with fresh, clean and modern beauty, but before all this, Bobbi was known for her natural makeup look that she creates as a makeup artist. Working with great photographers like Bruce Weber, Bridgette Lacombe, and Patrick Demarchelier, she realized that you don’t really need 3 kg’s of makeup painted on your face, as “it wasn’t about artificial-looking makeup – it was about enhancing your natural God-given gift."

For the past 20 years, Bobbi Brown has created premium cosmetic collections that set the trends and standards of beauty. To help you choose the right Bobbi Brown makeup, here are some great tips that would help you out.


According to Bobbi Brown “with the right foundation, any woman can look like she naturally has even, perfect skin”, and that is a fact. Your base is like the canvas of a great painting, from it comes art and aesthetic. However, your base needs more than just foundation to bring out your features. You would also need to highlight and contour your face and to apply blush to bring out your best features. Here are some tips that would help you choose the right foundation and the right contour colours/ palette.


  • Always choose a foundation that is the exact match of your skin tone - not a shade lighter or darker.
  • Find the right formula that would suit your skin type whether you're oily, dry, acne-prone or combination.
  • Aside from that, you would also need to determine what imperfections you're trying to cover such as dark spots, wrinkles, discolouration, etc.


  • Choose between cream and powder contours. If you're new to contouring, powder contours are recommended since they are easier to blend and manipulate.
  • Choose a colour that's one or two shades darker than your skin tone. If you have fair skin, avoid shades with orange undertones. If you have medium skin, go for a bronzier match, and if you have dark skin, you can play around with even darker shades.


  • When choosing a highlighter, you would need to choose a shade that's one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  • Highlight parts of your face that would naturally receive light such as the top of your cheekbones, the bridge, and tip of the nose, and your chin.
  • Choose a highlighter that would suit your skin tone. If you have fair skin an icy pearlescent shade would do wonders. If you have medium to olive skin, a warmer shade with peach or gold undertones is recommended. If you have dark skin, gold and bronze shades would definitely leave you glowing.


  • For a natural look, choose a blush with the same undertone as your skin and do the opposite if you want to be bold.
  • If you have fair skin, choose light colours such as pink, peach, and light coral. If you have olive or medium skin, rich pink, warm mauve, and dark peach are the colours for you. If you have dark skin, deep fuschia, berry, and warm brown colours would be the perfect blush shades.

Get your ultimate nude foundation, the most iconic Product created my Bobbi Brown – the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick. Featured in Elle and Glamour Magazine as well as awarded with numerous awards, this stick is a must-have in your beauty bag. It's creamy yet weightless texture can be applied effortlessly and blends perfectly for a smooth, even finishing. Get the stick that is perfect for your tone from their broadest range of shades.

20 years later, Bobbi Brown continues to amaze the world as the #1 makeup brand founded by a woman. They define the way women wear makeup and the way they see themselves. With her belief that all women are pretty without makeup but with just the right makeup can be pretty powerful, Bobbi Brown is a brand that strives to empower women everywhere. Check out the hottest Bobbi Brown makeup products in Hong Kong from face foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes and more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bobbi Brown HK

Is Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick good for mature skin?

Stick foundations have had a makeover in recent years, and the Bobbi Brown Stick is one of the very best for mature skin. It’s formulated with ‘Smart Technology’ to offer oil control or moisturization, depending on your skin’s needs. Plus, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match, thanks to the 30 shades.

Is Bobbi Brown good for sensitive skin?

Bobbi Brown has products specifically for sensitive skin like the Hydrating Face Tonic, Hydrating Face Cream, Skin Relief No.80- Calming Algae Complex, as well as an Extra Repair, Nourishing Milk, perfect for anyone with sensitive and dry skin.

What are the best Bobbi Brown products?

Without a doubt, Bobbi Brown is a prominent brand in the world of make-up and beauty! Ranging from cult foundations to contemporary mixes, here’s top 10 Bobbi Brown makeup products you should have in your makeup bag.

  1. Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation
  2. Vitamin Enriched Face Base
  3. Luxe Lip Colour
  4. Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil
  5. Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks
  6. Smokey Eye Mascara
  7. Skin Foundation Stick
  8. Creamy Corrector
  9. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick
  10. Instant Full Coverage Concealer

Is Bobbi Brown a luxury brand?

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a global prestige beauty brand that empowers women to embrace and enhance their individual beauty.

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