The image of downtown London will definitely pop into our minds when we see or hear about this iconic British luxury brand, Burberry. From shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories, Burberry has everything you need for an all-out luxury shopping spree. Get your very own piece of London luxury through Burberry Hong Kong or read more about the brand below.


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Reasons Why Burberry is the Best Luxury Brand Out There

Perhaps one of the most well-recognized luxury brands today, Burberry gives you eight reasons to wear their products. From fashion, skincare, bags, and lifestyle, the brand gives you more than a name but top-notch quality and everlasting style that you can't get from other brands. Since 1856, the brand has been revolutionizing the fashion industry one catwalk at a time. Below are the reasons why Burberry is the best luxury brand that you could ever have in your collection.

Haute Couture but Wearable

If you have ever watched a runway show, you would always catch yourself asking "Is that even wearable?", after seeing unconventional designs on the catwalk. Though most of them are for the sake of "art" and "haute couture", it is impractical to wear them on the streets. With Burberry, however, all their designs are created for a glamorous everyday look. The brand brings its customers unique high-fashion that falls in between haute couture and wearable, making it the perfect luxury brand for everyone!

Because it's Christopher Bailey

Burberry is the brand that while it continues to embrace innovation and tides of change will always maintain its essence which is to be a truly classic British fashion brand. Christopher Bailey, Creative Chief of Burberry, has been creating new fashion trends leading the industry across borders with new collections that are elegant and fashionable for all occasions regardless of the time change. Bailey who joined Burberry in 2001 as a Design Director was elected as Chief Executive Officer of Burberry in 2014 and will be bringing the brand to excel further and conquer the big Chinese luxury market.

For fans of the brand, Christopher Bailey is known as "the guy who saved fashion". He rebuilt the brand's image and brought a new era to Burberry with stunning campaigns involving Cara Delevigne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Moss, and Jourdan Dunn. Followed by Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne, Romeo Beckham, and Sienna Miller. Christopher Bailey skyrocketed the brand to fame and became the youngest CCO in the business.

Burberry Coats are to Die For

For any fashionista, a Burberry coat collection is everything! You may want a Chanel purse or red-bottom heels but nothing beats a good ol' Burberry coat to keep you fabulously warm during winter. By combining classic style and contemporary elements, Burberry coats have always been a must-have for many fashionistas. You know you've made it when a Burberry coat is part of your go-to outfit.

Loved by Celebrities

Favored by celebrity stylists and A-list megastars, the brand will always be preferred by many celebrities. The red carpet is never complete without a Burberry piece walking on it with names such as Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Nick Jonas, Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Aniston, and a whole lot more! If stars are clamoring for the latest items from Burberry, you know you should too.

Combining Music and Fashion

Another reason why Burberry is the best luxury brand out there is its support to foster homegrown talent. It is fairly common for brands to get involved in charities but the brand takes it up a notch with their initiative to back up and coming bands, and artists. Named as the Burberry Acoustic, the luxury brand invites young talents to perform unplugged versions of their original songs in front of a crowd to support the local art scene and to spread the love.

Burberry is Classic and Timeless

Trends do come and go but with Burberry, each style just gets better and better. With heavy influences from vintage 50s to the 70s, their creations have become a timeless classic and have continued on with every runway show they put out. Burberry's fashion is not trendy nor flashy but simple, wearable, and timeless. Why change a design when it's already so good?

The Burberry Beauty Collection

Apart from their fashion line, the brand has also ventured onto beauty. But what makes Burberry stand out in the beauty department is their appreciation for natural beauty. Their beauty collections feature neutral to soft pastels, perfect for highlighting your facial features. You can easily achieve an effortless look with Burberry's Beauty Collection.

They Created Gabardine

The company created a new durable and water-resistant fabric called gabardine in 1879, which is a breathable fabric made using an innovative process whereby the yarn was waterproofed before its weaving process. The fabric became a popular choice for outerwear as compared with the heavy rubberized Mackintosh fabric in the market at that time as it was much lighter and more comfortable. Burberry extended his fabric collection with the development of five different weights for the fabric namely Airylight, Double-Weave, Karoo, Wait-a-bit, and Tropical to fulfill a range of weather conditions.

How much is Burberry’s net worth?

Burberry is one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world. According to Forbes, the brand is ranked #1242 in market value and #1601 based on company profit, with a total of market value around $10.7B, $447M profits, $3.6B sales, and $2.8B assets. The company has also achieved £ 2,720.2m in revenue in 2019.

Is Burberry a good brand?

The brand puts its product at the heart of its strategy and brand vision. The brand now continues to develop luxury items to deliver frequent newness, strategize its evolution of leather goods, and maintain a commitment towards fur-free goods. The brand also presses on environmental needs throughout its manufacturing process including sustainable materials, renewable energy, revalue waste. To illustrate this, volcanic sand and coconut shells are used in Burberry’s quilted jacket. Recycled cashmere and wool, as well as upcycle cotton leftovers, are other examples of the brand’s sustainable garment.

Why is Burberry so expensive?

Burberry pays close attention to the fabrics detailing, materials, craftsmanship, designs, and everything that goes into the production process of the brand. Thomas Burberry uses fabrics that are breathable, waterproof, and long-lasting to withstand Britain’s weather. Since 1879, material innovation has been a part of the brand and continues to be its focus until today. Not just a fantastic high-quality product like bags and coats, the brand also offers pride, social value, and image to the wearer as it is one of the legendary luxury fashion brands in the industry.

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How can you tell if a Burberry trench coat is real?

It takes approximately three weeks and over a hundred highly skilled processes to create the iconic Burberry Heritage trench coat. Having evolved over a century, it represents timeless British design. Burberry trench coats are made in Castleford, a town in the north of England by expert workers, and if you wish to get your money’s worth, spotting the real thing is a skill you ought to possess.

  1. There are lots of Burberry trench coats doing the rounds. Check the hangtag, as a key element of the Burberry logo is the capital letter R which has a small horizontal line on the left-hand side (much like a serif) that curves upwards.
  2. A Burberry hang-tag is made with a string which cannot be pulled off without damaging the garment. You would have to cut the string in order to remove the tag.
  3. Look for the Burberry logo inside the coat. It must accompany a small symbol of a knight on a horse which is always left-facing. The logo should be sharply defined so that the horse and the knight can be easily made out.
  4. The most intricate stitching is of the collar. Look out for 11.5 tiny stitches per inch along the length which create a fluid curve.
  5. The signature belt features exactly four lines of stitching which keeps it crisp and structured.
  6. A big tell-tale can be the iconic Burberry lining. The Burberry check features a signature colour combination of camel, ivory, red and black. The lining has to be symmetrical and unbroken, make sure the lines of the check meet at exactly 45 degrees.
  7. All buttons on the trench coat should have “Burberry” written in the same font and in capital letters not missing out the serif on the letter R.
  8. Detail is key in the creation of the trench coat. Inspect the cuff straps and belt which are constructed and stitched so that their edges are clean and flat. The stitches and lining will never be puckered or crooked.
  9. The Burberry Heritage trench coat is only available in three fits and five classic colours of honey, stone and black including the new parade red and navy.

Do all Burberry buttons say Burberry?

Yes, all Burberry buttons have the logo Burberry on it.

Is Burberry made in China?

Burberry does produce in China, as well as in Poland, Romania, India, Spain, Italy, England and even the United States. Not only are there Burberry factories all over the world, they also contract other clothing makers in different areas to produce Burberry items.

What is Burberry most famous for?

Founded over 150 years ago, Burberry is woven into the fabric of British fashion. The iconic Burberry trench coat is world-renowned as a solid style investment, it has been worn by many iconic celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss.