The image of downtown London will definitely pop into our minds when we see or hear about this iconic British luxury brand, Burberry. From shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories, Burberry has everything you need for an all-out luxury shopping spree. Get your very own piece of London luxury through Burberry Hong Kong or read more about the brand below.

Is Burberry a good brand? | Do all Burberry button say Burberry? | What is Burberry most famous for?


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Reasons Why Burberry is the Best Luxury Brand Out There

Perhaps one of the most well-recognized luxury brands today, Burberry gives you eight reasons to wear their products. From fashion, skincare, bags, and lifestyle, the brand gives you more than a name but top-notch quality and everlasting style that you can't get from other brands. Since 1856, the brand has been revolutionising the fashion industry one catwalk at a time. Below are the reasons why Burberry is the best luxury brand that you could ever have in your collection.

Haute Couture but Wearable

If you have ever watched a runway show, you would always catch yourself asking "Is that even wearable?", after seeing unconventional designs on the catwalk. Though most of them are for the sake of "art" and "haute couture", it is impractical to wear them on the streets. With Burberry, however, all their designs are created for a glamorous everyday look. The brand brings its customers unique high-fashion that falls in between haute couture and wearable, making it the perfect luxury brand for everyone!

Is Burberry a good brand?

The brand puts its product at the heart of its strategy and brand vision. The brand now continues to develop luxury items to deliver frequent newness, strategise its evolution of leather goods, and maintain a commitment towards fur-free goods. The brand also presses on environmental needs throughout its manufacturing process, including sustainable materials, renewable energy, revalue waste. To illustrate this, volcanic sand and coconut shells are used in Burberry’s quilted jacket. Recycled cashmere and wool, as well as upcycle cotton leftovers, are other examples of the brand’s sustainable garment.

Burberry for Women

The Burberry women's collection has a wide range of selections from trench coat, jackets, knitwear, bags, accessories, shoes, and make-up products. The best-selling product under women's collections is the luxury Burberry bags. Burberry offers a multitude of designs and colours for its bags collections. Hence, if you wish to purchase Burberry bags, you can view the collection on Burberry's online store.

Burberry for Children

Just like the collection for men and women, Burberry offers childrenswear for children. Ranging from clothing, accessories, and gifts like teddy bears, you can purchase luxury gifts for your own children occasionally. Burberry also offers clothing for children as young as 1 month to 18 months old.

Burberry Home

Aside from fashion apparel, the luxury brand also provides home decors for its consumers. The home decors offered by Burberry are teddy bears. There are a variety of teddy bear designs provided by Burberry which can be purchased as home gifts. The teddy bears are perfect for occasions like Valentine's day and any birthday celebrations. These teddy bears will surely be the best gifts for young children and women.

Do all Burberry buttons say Burberry?

Yes, all Burberry buttons have the logo Burberry on them.

What is Burberry most famous for?

Founded over 150 years ago, Burberry is woven into the fabric of British fashion. The iconic Burberry trench coat is world-renowned as a solid style investment. It has been worn by many iconic celebrities, from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss. Aside from the trench coat, Burberry is also well known for its camel, black, red, and white check design that has been replicated in many counterfeit garments and accessories and has become synonymous with “chav” fashion.

Does Burberry ever have a sale?

No, Burberry Hong Kong S.A.R does not offer any discounts or sales even during Black Friday. However, the Burberry fragrance items such as perfumes and colognes are always on sale. Thus, you can opt for the beauty products whenever you want as gifts or they could also be for your own use.

Why is Burberry so expensive?

The price of Burberry's fashion goods and products are priced at a high-end price because Burberry uses high-quality material and leather to manufacture and produce its goods. Thus, making Burberry products to be expensive.