The image of downtown London will definitely pop into your mind when you see or hear about this iconic British luxury brand, Burberry. Burberry has everything you need for an all-out luxury shopping spree. Get your very own piece of London luxury through Burberry Hong Kong or read more about the brand below.

Is Burberry expensive?

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Tips and Tricks to Spot a Fake Burberry Hong Kong Handbag

No matter where you go, the most important statement piece that you need to have is a bag. A Burberry HK bag is the perfect choice for you to complement your look from day till’ night. On top of that, the brand is well-known for its clothing too. If you are heading to the office or even for a date night, as it would definitely make heads turn. The company continues to embrace innovation and tides of change seen in the fashion world but never fails to maintain its true classic British essence, particularly with its Burberry handbags. Nonetheless, when it comes to purchasing items online, there are still plenty of fakes out there. Here's how you can spot the fake within the authentic.


Typically, Burberry bags are made from PVC or commonly known as vinyl-coated canvas. It bears similarities to leather in terms of its looks and the way it feels.


The classic bags have a very distinct pattern which is their checks. There are two types of designs which are classic check and Nova check which are also the brand’s most popular handbags. The classic check has a tan background with black, white, and red stripes running vertically and horizontally. There is also a knight insignia where the red stripes meet. If the knight insignia is faded, it is a big giveaway that the bag is fake. On the other hand, the Nova check consists of a cream colour with a light yellow undertone with black vertical and horizontal stripes.


It will be slightly difficult to check the stitching if you are purchasing the bag online. Nonetheless, you may still want to delve into the seams, particularly if the merchants provide close-up pictures of the interior of the bag and take a look at how the handles and linings are sewn together. The stitching should be straight, neat, even, and clean. There will rarely be any loose threads as Burberry is well-known for its thorough craftsmanship.

Interior plaque

Every Burberry bag should contain either a metal plaque engraved with Burberry-London or a leather tag with embossed words such as “Made in Italy”. The colour of the bag’s hardware should match the colour of the metal plaque. On top of that, the solid metal will not flake or chip. Most of the products are lined with smooth, polished leather in red, brown or black. Observe the crisp embossing and clean lines as well as the placement of the letter. The size and spacing should be proportionate to each other.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burberry Bags

Is Burberry expensive?

Among the other luxury brands that are sold in the same market segment as Burberry. Burberry is actually relatively inexpensive in comparison to other leading luxury brands in the market. This is because the Burberry collection emphasizes on luxury that is accessible to all unlike some other brands in the luxury fashion segment. In essence, Burberry as a whole as compared to other brands in the luxury fashion segment is considered to be more accessible in terms of pricing.

Why is Burberry so expensive?

The fabrics, the detailing and everything that goes into the making of Burberry products is what makes it so expensive. The brand makes sure to use only the best fabrics and materials in the products. Hence, Burberry bags and clothing are expensive collections that are suitable for fashion-conscious women.

What is Burberry best known for?

Burberry is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. Its main fashion house focuses on selling trench coats (for which it is most famous), trench coat accessories, outerwear, outerwear accessories, bags, ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, clothing accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics.

Does Burberry sell clothing and bags?

Burberry is a fashion house that sells high fashion clothing and bags to women. One of the most famous fashion items from brands like Burberry is the classic brown trench coat as well as their bags which come in a wide variety of styles and designs. One of the latest designs of Burberry bags is equipped with a very convenient and handy shoulder slung design. Most of Burberry's bags have a shoulder strap on them for ease of carrying. Indeed, having a shoulder strap is one of the hallmarks of making a utilitarian bag for women.