Perhaps one of the most famous and coveted luxury brand today, Burberry Hong Kong brings you only the finest merchandise online. Take your pick on some of Burberry’s finest fragrances below or click here to know more about Burberry perfumes and other products.


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Burberry Brit For Men

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Burberry Perfumes - Scent of Pure Passion and Luxury

The epitome of luxury and sophistication, Burberry has been providing excellent haute couture, accessories, bags, jewellery, and fragrances for almost 160 years. Established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the brand has been revolutionizing the fashion industry with their signature fabrics, particularly their “Burberry-proofed” linings made from silk and wool. Because of its high-fashion designs, the brand is worn by many celebrities and fashion icons including supermodel Olivia Palermo, Cara Develigne, actress Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Jake Gyllenhal, pop icon and one direction member Harry Styles, reality star Kim Kardashian and so much more!

Burberry Perfumes - a taste of luxury

While Burberry is mostly known for their haute couture clothing line, particularly their trench coats, the brand also has fragrance collections for men and women. Combining modern scents with a classy twist, Burberry produced some of the most coveted aromas in the perfume industry. It is best described as smooth, subtle with a hint of floral, fruit, or spice. So if you are looking for an excellent perfume that would last throughout the day, add a little bit of luxury to your closet with the best Burberry perfumes for men and women.

Best Burberry perfumes you should have

Sometimes, the best accessories are those you cannot see. Occupying all human senses, Burberry boasts its collection of fragrances for men and women. Smooth, subtle, and sumptuous, treat yourself to a lap of luxury with Burberry’s lavishing fragrance collections. The best thing about the brand is that there are tons of available options for you whether you want simple floral scents to sophisticated aromas.

Burberry perfumes for him

Masculine yet exceedingly light on the senses, Burberry perfumes for men are some of the best scents a man could have; you can smell fresh and clean without being too overpowering. Be a gentleman and sport some of these top-selling Burberry perfumes for men.

  • Burberry Touch for Men Eau de Toilette
  • Burberry London for Men Eau de Toilette
  • Burberry Brit for Men Eau de Toilette

Burberry perfumes for her

When it comes to perfumes, women can be a little bit more particular, especially when it comes to subtlety and how it reacts to their body chemistry. Live in a lap of luxury with Burberry’s exquisite collection of women’s perfume where you can experience and experiment with your favorite aromas. Treat yourself to some of Burberry’s finest essences, from different floral, and fruity notes to heavier more refined scents available.

  • Burberry Body for Women Eau de Parfum
  • Burberry Weekend for Women Eau de Parfum
  • Burberry London for Women Eau de Parfum

Buy your Burberry Perfumes online!

Burberry has some of the finest perfumes available online! Whether you are looking for gift ideas or simply treating yourself to an online shopping spree, get a taste of finer things in life with Burberry’s luxurious collection here. You can also widen your options on fragrances by exploring other brands such as Gucci, Jo Malone, Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, Christian Dior, Lancome and so much more!