Well-known for their provocative underwear ad, Calvin Klein often features popular celebrities from Mark Wahlberg to their recent one; the cast of Moonlight. The brand strongly believes in the idea that "sex sells" as well as the boldness and confidence that is reflected in all their products. Calvin Klein in Malaysia has various products ranging from clothes, bags, beauty and more! Click here to read more about the brand.

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Everything You Need to Know About Calvin Klein Hong Kong

Bringing you the latest high end fashion as well as ready to wear looks fresh of the runway, Calvin Klein designs offers a unique twist for both men and women who revolves with the ever changing trends. Abbreviated as CK, Calvin Klein pushes its boundaries in giving you quality products for both men and women. While the brand is wrapped up in controversy, there is no denying that CK is a brand of great choice. Read about everything you need to know about the brand below!

Provocative yet fashion forward

A name that pioneered the designer jeans, underwear and everything else in the fashion world, Calvin Klein is one of the industry’s biggest fashion names and brands. Calvin Klein taught himself how to sketch and sew when he was just a mere boy. He even won a place at the New York’s High School of Art and Design and at the Fashion Institute of Technology and finally made his name when he launched his own label in 1968.

Dubbed as ‘Calvin the Conqueror’ by the Women’s Wear Daily, and was also named as one of America’s 25 most influential people by Time magazine, Klein single-handedly helped shaped the casual wear industry and played a major role in modern advertising. He constantly kept the media on their feet with the sexy and controversial ads which not only kept his name in the media’s consciousness but allowed him to bring his underwear collection to the forefront. He had Richard Avedon photographed a pubescent Brooks Shields for his jeans campaign with a slogan that says, “You know what comes between me and my Calvin's? Nothing”. Talk about provocative and controversial.

Specializing in all aspects of fashion, Calvin Klein’s company has placed their mark in clothing, fragrances, and jewellery with memorable impressions of his ad campaigns. Armed with over 40 years of experience in the world of fashion, Calvin Klein has a consistent and strong brand identity with simple clear lines that define elegance and iconic style. By maintaining a name of accessible luxury, Calvin Klein is one of the most successful labels in the fashion industry.

Stylish yet classy apparel

Calvin’s Klein’s line of clothing includes apparels for both the gents and the ladies. This label is known for their designer jeans which continue to have their own branch of the company and distributors. The traditional Calvin Klein Black Label Collection that is the luxury collection and is shown at the fashion weeks in New York and Milan. It is also known for being elegantly chic and classy. The designs infuses classic with sleek lines which was called a ‘work of art’ by a fashion reviewer. The White Label consists of casual and sporty design that can be found in any retail outlets and Calvin Klein Outlet store. Their provocative underwear collection can be found around the world at retailers who are dedicated entirely to this line.

Caught in controversy

Calvin Klein is a well-known brand, and for good reason! Because of its highly provocative, sexy ads, CK is on the map for being the most daring brands in the market. Throughout the years, Calvin Klein had released controversial advertisements that would shock, stun and awaken your sensuality and imagination. Aside from publishing controversial campaign photos, CK is also well known for making thought-provoking one liners and it is evident in their 1980 campaign with then 15-year-old Brooke Shields. The line reads: "Do you know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing." Perhaps one of the most controversial ad campaigns for CK touching the issue of child pornography. While the ad clearly does not mention anything regarding the topic, some parties including the American Family Association, child welfare authorities, and parent groups were concerned of it looking like child pornography. Featuring young-looking models being undressed on wooden-panelled basements. Well, you be the judge.

Smell good with CK

Other than their underwear, Calvin Klein is also known for their wide collection of CK fragrances that include the collection, Euphoria, Eternity, Calvin Klein Man, and the exceptionally famous Obsession line. Eternity was introduced to the work as a unisex fragrance and its scent can be described as floral scent with a hint of sandalwood. The beautiful supermodel, Kate Moss introduced Obsession in that same year which is targeted also for both genders. It is a spicy, citrus blended with peach and lemon. While Eternity and Obsession are Calvin Klein’s signature fragrance, the company has always added something extra to its collection. Eternity has a limited edition fragrance called the Rose Blush and Purple Orchid for women and a unisex one called Eternity Summer. Eternity Moment will always stay as a permanent part of the collection as does Obsession Night.

For the makeup lovers, Calvin Klein also has their own line of cosmetics ranging from flavoured lip gloss to creme eyeshadows.