Telesin Lens Dome Port Cover Under Water Transparent Housing Case for SJCAM SJ6 SJ7 Sport Camera Feature: 1. Moving the waterline away from the lens makes it possible to capture images both above and below the water simultaneously. 2. These are often referred to as half and half, 50/50, over under or split-level pictures. 3. Easy to operate, nearly infinite depth of field, wide-angle lens and video and still image quality make the 4K perfectly suited for this application. 4. The Dome Port utilizes a custom made semi-hemispherical acrylic dome that has been optically matched to work with the GoPro lens,package includes GoPro housing and a floating handheld, all you need is a camera, turn it on and produce stunning imagery. 5. The use of a semi-hemispherical dome eliminates the perpendicular angle between the backing plate and the dome. The benefits of this are the elimination of circular reflection and improved water sheeting while reducing the form factor and maintaining full front face surface area. 6. The side of the base has 12 screws,this design allows the dome to be fully disassembled for cleaning and service. 7. The Dome Port works with the Hero3+ or Hero4 housing and does not require any special modifications or separate accessories. 8. The GoPro is just as secure as always since the Dome Port slips right onto the housing, it does not alter the depth rating of the GoPro housing. 9. The Dome Port provides access to mode, power and shutter control buttons while installed,for more processing you can use a gopro Wifi remotecontrol as well. Specification: Waterproof: HK$ 328.02
D.S. O150 Digital Electronic Oscilloscope Set With Housing Case Probe Fully DIY Assemble Tools Kit Specification: Color: Colorful Material: Plastic + Electronic component Highest real-time sampling rate: 1Msps Accuracy: 12Bit Sample buffer depth: 1024 bytes Analog bandwidth: 0 - 200KHz Vertical sensitivity: 5mV/Div 20V/Div (progressive by 1-2-5) Input impedance: 1M Maximum input voltage: 50Vpp (1:1 probe) 400Vpp (10:1 probe) The coupling method includes: Dc/ac/gnd Horizontal time base range: 10s/Div 50s/Div (progressive by 1-2-5) Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 103X75X23mm /4.06''X2.95''0.91"(appr.) Function: 1. Can be triggered by a rise or drop edge. 2. Comes with 1KHz / 3.3V square wave test signal source. 3. Vertical displacement is adjustable and with instructions. 4. Observe the waveform before the trigger (negative delay). 5. The trigger level position is adjustable and with instructions. 6. The waveform display can be frozen at any time (Hold function). 7. Save/tune out the waveform, the shutdown waveform does not disappear. 8. Automatic, regular and single trigger mode for easy capture of instantaneous waveforms. 9. With waveform parameter digital display, the parameters that can be displayed are: frequency, period, pulse width, duty ratio, maximum value, minimum value, average value, peak value, effective value. Features: Fully assembled, be patient. Higher sensitivity, good performance. 2.4-inch color TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution. Rotary coding switch is adopted to make parameter adjustment more convenient. An oscilloscope has a complete enclosure with separate p HK$ 226.56

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