Mount your camera and video recording devices anywhere with the right mounts. From outdoor extreme sports to a quiet day in, camera mounts do a splendid job. Read more to find out some peculiar places to mount your camera.

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4 Peculiar Places to Install a Camera Mount

We live in an age where everything in Hong Kong is captured on video. Whether it is a public event or something private, good or bad, we eventually will see a video of it. With camera phones, action cameras, CCTV cameras, and a myriad of other video recording devices, we can document every moment. One way to keep cameras in position is to use a camera mount. There are hundreds of camera mounts in the market for a variety of mounting locations. Let’s look at some peculiar places to mount your cameras.

A tripod

Let’s start with the tripod. Although it may not seem like a peculiar place to mount your camera, tripods deserve a mention in our list. Professional cameramen have used tripods to shoot their awesome video and stills for generations. In fact, the first cameras made were permanently fixed into tripods. You had to carry the bulky contraption everywhere you went! Today though, we have handheld tripods no larger than our cameras, to stabilize our camera shoots.

A helmet

If you are a motorcycle rider or even an extreme sports enthusiast, you know the use of a camera mount on a helmet. It is particularly useful for bikers who document their riding around the city as they can record proof reckless drivers and potential hazards they encounter along their journey.

Thanks to helmet mounts, we get stunning HD GoPro footage of skydiving, wingsuit action, bungee jumping, deep-sea diving, extreme sports, and unbelievable scenery. Imagine if there weren’t any helmet mounts; we would have to carry our camera everywhere we go. How inconvenient!

Your car

Did you know that you could mount your cameras on strategic areas of your vehicle? Want to record insane drifts across the track? Mount your GoPro along the sides of your car and get a close view of the kerb almost hitting the rear of the car. Go ahead and mount one on the top of your dashboard as a dashcam too. A simple, stable mount can enable the camera to shoot a full HD video of your daily drive without much hassle. With the need for more dashcams in daily driving, it’s no surprise that the need for camera mounts go up too.

Your dog

You pets see a whole other world of sights. Want to know what your dog sees? Strap an action camera with a little mount to your dog’s neck and you can see the world from your doggie’s perspective. Get a canine view of your surroundings by letting your pooch run out in the wild. You can be sure to capture some incredible footage. Once you’ve got it, upload it on YouTube or your Facebook page for maximum views.

Now that you know more about the weird places you can mount your camera to capture peculiar footage, it’s time to choose a mount that would suit your needs. Check out the variety above for a wide selection.