Car cameras in Hong Kong have become increasingly popular for their numerous benefits. Here are reasons why more and more people install these devices in their cars.


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4 Reasons Why You Should Fit in a Car Camera in Hong Kong

Today, security cameras are prevalent in Hong Kong. Offices, businesses, and many people use them to protect their property, assets, staff, and themselves. Now, this same technology is being installed in vehicles to increase drivers’ in-car safety. These car cameras are integrated with GPS chips that let the driver record their location and speed, as well as audio and video inside and around the car. They also come with user-friendly mounting features and a recording capability that not only records the car’s interior but also around the vehicle. The information recorded by these car cameras is essential, giving many benefits to the driver such as the following.

Used for evidential purposes

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is way better now than it was before; thanks to the in-car footage by car cameras. This recorded information can be presented to insurance companies and the police as a proof of what happened in crucial incidents. It is beneficial to drivers as some face long and unsettled disputes with insurance companies. The in-car footage is essential in determining who is at fault in a car accident. The most helpful information needed by police and insurance companies are the date and location. What’s great is that such information cannot be tampered in more advanced models of car cameras, making them a reliable source of evidence.

Enhanced car security

Since car cameras are capable of recording around the vehicle’s surroundings, they can capture careless drivers and rogues who caused damage, scratches, scuffs, or vandals to your car. That is why they are very useful when you are parking in public places. Vital information such as a plate number can be recorded to be given to authorities.

Reducing annual insurance policy

What contributed to the increase in insurance premiums in many countries are purposeful accidents. However, some insurance companies will offer discounts on your annual insurance policy if you assist them in catching fraudsters who are involved in doing staged car accidents. With the help of your car camera, you can record fraudsters staging a car collision when they make a sudden maneuver on the road, forcing you to collide with their car.

Recording great moments and sceneries

Aside from enhancing in-car safety, another reason why there is a surging appeal for car cameras is because they capture beautiful, fun, and great moments. For instance, as you drive along, your car camera records a magnificent landscape. You can share this picturesque footage with your family and friends later at home. You might as well make a vlog out of the footage so you can upload it on Youtube, gaining you subscribers.

Besides capturing bad moments such as car crashes, car cameras can also film unforeseen events like what a Russian driver’s car camera recorded in 2013. While driving, the car camera footage captured a meteor burning in the sky. This incredible clip received a lot of hype which gained millions of views on Youtube and other social media websites.