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DSLRs Prices Hong Kong July 2018

DSLR cameras are versatile photographic devices that can switch lenses to accommodate the type of photo you want to take. If you want to own one, then check out the latest DSLR cameras on this page. You can also learn some tips on how to purchase the right DSLR camera by reading the article below.

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Canon EOS 80D 18-200mm
HK$ 8,955.00
Personal Digital

The Canon EOS 80D is a super high-performance Dslr equipped with all the latest technological advancements from the Japanese firm with over 80 years of experience in the imaging industry. Its 24.2-million pixel Cmos Aps-C image sensor works hand in hand with a new metering sensor in order to never miss a detail in your subjects, bringing out all the richness of your compositions in extraordinary sharpness. As for shooting video, the Cmos Dual Pixel Autofocus system takes care of keeping moving subjects in focus, even in weaker lighting situations. Several creative filters are also available to you if you choose to add orginal effects to your work, as well as Wi-Fi or NFC in order to share your results or even control your EOS 80D remotely. To perfectly accompany your Canon EOS 80D, this kit also includes the Ef-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens, a true lens! With a minimum aperture of f/22, and a minimum focusing distance of 0,45m, this lens covers all the focal length between wide-angle photography and telephoto lens photography, at an amplitude of x11. You no longer have to burden yourself with several different lenses whilst travelling. Thanks to its advanced optical construction of 16 lens elements in 12 groups, the image quality that is achieved is superior in terms of sharpness and contrast. You won\\'t miss a single detail in your subjects wth this lens that complements all the possibilities of your Canon EOS 80D to perfection.

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YongNuo Yongnuo YN60mm F2 MF 0.234m Macro Lens Manual Focus for Canon EOS 70D 5D2 5D3 600D Dslr Camera
HK$ 2,277.00

Features: 0.234m Nearest Focus Distance the Magnification Ratio is up to 1:1 - Shooting in macro mode and infinity mode both can achieve good image quality, so it is suitable for shooting in macro, portrait, landscape, and other scenes. F2 Large Aperture - Easy to create bokeh effect and highlight the subject. 7pcs Diaphragm Blades - Help to take picture of circular defocused spots or 14-star effect. Built-in Electromagnetic Aperture - It supports M/Av/Tv/P/B and other shooting modes, and can effectively improve the accuracy and durability of the aperture control. High Precision Manual Focus, Supports half-press shutter Focus Prompt - And there is built-in focus distance indicator to help you judge the focusing distance. Glass Optical Lens, Multi-layer Coating - Effectively increase light transmittance and control backlight ghost image and glare. High Precision Chrome Mount - Fit camera body perfectly and is wearable for long time use, and the gold-plating contact can effectively improves the signal conductivity and corrosion resistance. USB-free Firmware Upgrade - Firmware of the lens can be upgraded through camera instead of using USB port. This not only meets meets the requirement of firmware upgrade and appearance design, but also avoids the incompatibility problems caused by different computer operating system. (Note: this function needs to be supported by camera.)

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YongNuo Yongnuo YN35mm F2N f2.0 Wide-Angle Af/mf Fixed Focus Lens F Mount for Nikon Dslr Cameras 35mm
HK$ 890.00

Features: --Large Aperture F2.0 large aperture to blur the background, making photography even more fun. --Support Auto Focus (Af) Manual Focus (Mf) Modes Support auto focus and manual focus, you can select the focus mode according to the shooting requirements. --Support Live View (Lv) Focus Open Live View (Lv) function can help you focus at high angle or low-angle shooting situations, or accurately focus via the expanded field of view in monitor. --7 Aperture Blades Up to 7 aperture blades, you can capture near-circular diffuse plaques, can shoot 14 asterism effect by narrowing the aperture. --Equipped with the Focus Distance Indicator Equipped with the focus distance indicator, which is convenient to determine the subject distance and the depth of field. --Metal Mount, Durable Adopt high precision chromium-plated metal mount, effectively improve the strengthness of metal mount and the goodness of fit between the metal mount and your camera body, wear-resisting, corrosion-resistant and durable. --Support a Variety of Shooting Modes Supports various shooting modes, and can display the aperture data and other data in the Exif ​​information. --Glass Lenses, Multi-Coated Full-line products are glass lenses, multi-coated lens, which effectively improves the transmission rate and suppress ghosting and flare when shooting backlit. --Gold Plating Technology Gold-plating metal contacts, excellent transmitting effect with fine corrosion resistance.

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Top DSLRs Price List 2018

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Nikon D750 HK$ 5,304.00 AliExpress
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II HK$ 4,310.00 Amazon
Nikon D5600 HK$ 5,495.00 Amazon
Nikon D3400 HK$ 2,740.00 AliExpress
Nikon D7200 HK$ 5,613.00 Forest Tone
Nikon D810 HK$ 16,383.00 Forest Tone
Nikon D5500 HK$ 3,682.00 Forest Tone
Nikon D3300 HK$ 2,355.00 AliExpress
Canon EOS 80D HK$ 6,594.00 Forest Tone
Nikon D7100 HK$ 5,809.00 AliExpress
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Nikon D750

Available in AliExpress HK$ 5,304.00 Go to Shop

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a DSLR Camera

Whether you are taking photography as a hobby or a professional who takes photos as a career, a DSLR camera is a great investment. With so many options and models available in the market today, choosing one that ticks all the boxes is not as easy as it may seem. Hence, below are considerations you need to take before you set out to purchase one:

Sensor Size

This is most probably the most important feature of a DSLR camera. Inside every DSLR camera is an image sensor which records the image that you see through the viewfinder and sends it to your memory card. The larger the size of the sensor, the more information it can capture and the clearer your pictures will be. Hence, if you are looking for a DSLR camera, just remember that the bigger, the better. Naturally, DSLR cameras with larger sensors like those from the Nikon DSLR range tend to be more expensive so you will need to consider how much you are willing to spend.

Modes and Editing Features

All DSLR cameras come in a variety of modes such as Landscape, Portrait, Action, and so on. These modes are designed to enable you to capture the best images in different styles. Manual mode is undeniably best as you will be able to have full control of the settings but if you are new to using DSLR cameras, these modes can be a big help. However, there are some models that have additional modes that further modes that further enhance its versatility.

Many DSLR cameras today also include quick editing abilities so that you can edit photos right from the camera itself such as applying filters, changing exposure settings, and so on. Although they are not as versatile and complete as photo-editing software available on your computer, being able to edit photos on the camera itself can be useful when you are on the go.

Video Recording

Besides offering excellent image quality, DSLR cameras also offer superb video recording capabilities. This is the reason why these cameras are popular amongst professional vloggers and videographers. Most DSLR cameras today can record in full HD 1080p or 4K resolution but there are also models that are limited to non-HD recording such as those from Nikon. If you are someone who enjoys recording videos, DSLR cameras are highly recommended, especially those with higher frame rates and resolution.


You should also consider your budget before you purchase a DSLR camera. Brands such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony offer a wide selection of DSLR cameras – from affordable entry-level models to high-end units. There is also a possibility that you might purchase other accessories such as lenses, filters, tripod stands which can be quite costly.