Map your world with the best of GPS technology in Hong Kong. Find out what type of GPS navigation system suits you and get valuable information on how to choose one here.

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Tips for Finding the Right GPS for your Car

Remember back in the day, we had to bring a map around to find the place we were driving too? We had to be really good at multitasking to be able to pull off a stunt like reading a large map. Then we had the ability to print maps, but that wasn’t much help either. Thankfully, the GPS navigation was invented. Much like a seasoned tour guide, GPS navigation technology gives us the peace of mind to move around without getting lost. What can we look for in a GPS? What are the features we need in a navigation system? Find out more below.

Connect to the satellite

If you’ve ever used a bad GPS system, you have experienced true frustration. You take a turn only to get the GPS recalculating. It’s damn annoying!

The main component that makes a GPS effective is the accuracy of the navigation system. In today’s world, the best navigation system comes from the satellites. The science behind it is effective in the way the GPS communicates with the satellite in space. Signals are sent from the GPS to the satellite as to where the GPS is. The satellite then relays the information back to pinpoint exactly where to go. This accurate information passed from the satellite is what makes the GPS a good one.

Screen or no screen?

Next, choose a GPS based on whether there is a screen or not. A screen will give you a bird’s eye view of your location and pinpoint you on the map. A screen also allows for other data to be shown, such as the time and date, coordinates, Wi-Fi indicator, media player and so on. The only thing to keep in mind is that a screen could be a distraction while driving and the glare from the lit screen may interfere with your vision. If you want, you could also purchase a GPS without a screen attached.

A good voice

You may not realise this, but the person voicing the GPS could enhance your driving experience. Choose a GPS that has a soothing, relaxed voice. Many GPS systems use a lady’s voice to give directions. Occasionally, you find one in which you can customize the voice behind the directions. The default setting is basically a robotic woman’s voice giving directions. It would sound much like Google Translate’s lady voice. Popular voices to customize your GPS to include Morgan Freeman, Jeremy Clarkson, Master Yoda and C-3PO (from Star Wars).

Choose a reliable brand

If you are still clueless on how to choose GPS systems, simply resort to purchasing a brand that is reliable. Well-known GPS brands are common in Hong Kong. The top among the range of premium GPS navigation systems is GARMIN. Other large brands that do well in the world of GPS and satellite navigation are LG, Android and TomTom.

Ultimately, GPS systems are great for driving to places that are unfamiliar to you. You can also use GPS technology for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, camping, and rescue operations.