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Carhartt WIP Clothing

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Carhartt WIP Black Cotton T-shirt HK$ 367.23 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Trousers HK$ 541.42 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 776.24 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 679.21 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Vest HK$ 1,445.75 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 570.10 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Trousers HK$ 650.00 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 1,018.82 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 807.91 Vestiaire Collective
Carhartt WIP Jacket HK$ 1,455.46 Vestiaire Collective
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Carhartt WIP Black Cotton T-shirt

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Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) – Not Your Ordinary Brand

More than often when you go shopping for clothing or accessories, you might be overwhelmed with all those options in the market today. Shopping for ordinary clothes is not a hard task anymore as you can get the same design and types of clothing in almost all the stores. However, if you are looking for something more; something that defines the classic aesthetics of an authentic brand, then your options are certainly limited. Carhartt WIP’s designs and craftsmanship will make you stand out from the rest. This iconic brand naturally elevates your personal style and to be in Carhartt WIP is undoubtedly a privilege.

About Carhartt WIP Hong Kong

“The just and honest thing, gainful if possible”, that was what Hamilton Carhartt said when he started up his own business, Carhartt in 1889. His business what founded based on this very principle and each and every decision that he made throughout the growth of the business was focused on giving the best to the consumers. As a responsible businessman had never once ignored the demands and evolving fashion needs of our world from the beginning.

One of the major breakthrough of Carhartt was in 1989 when Edwin Faeh, a Swiss nationality businessman imported Carhartt workwear in a small scale. He sold Carhartt together with some other brands through his agency ‘All American Concept’.

Eventually in 1994, Carhartt built a distribution network in Europe. It introduced Carhartt WIP which was a collection of classic products from the original collection of the house brand, Carhartt. It became an instant success and the rest as they say, is history.

Today, Carhartt WIP is produced worldwide and it is known as a brand that is unique and different from the rest. Carhartt WIP has supplier all around the world and with its main production house at Tunisia is definitely not just an ordinary brand.

Carhartt WIP Hong Kong: Why Choose Carhartt WIP

Besides unique and redefined brand, you might wonder what else Carhartt WIP offers you. Well, Carhartt WIP has come a long way since its birth back in 1994. What you are about to learn will definitely blow your mind away!

  • Back then, workwear clothing is not something that was given much interest. Taking this as an opportunity, Carhartt WIP which is under the American brand, Carhartt is one of the pioneers of workwear clothing in USA.
  • Carhartt WIP was only founded 100 years after Hamilton Carhartt gained success with his business in Detroit. The gap was filled with rich culture and heritage and eventually inspired the redefined designs for Carhartt WIP.
  • Over the years, Carhartt WIP has been refining their designs and quality of products to fit the consumer’s demands. This brand adapts and modifies while still not straying away from their original charateristics of Carhartt.
  • From the very beginning, Carhartt WIP has established a good relationship with infamous but inspiring and talented newly emerging people in sports and music.
  • This good rapport was a good move as Carhartt eventually became an iconic and highly respected brand among the people in the underground scenes
  • Carhartt WIP appeals greatly to those involved in hip- hop, skate, graffiti, cycling, and music labels such as Neighborhood and Vans.

Carhartt WIP Hong Kong: Range of Products

Carhartt WIP has a wide selection of products for both men and women with aesthetic taste and style. Besides that, for those who want to experiment with a new look and fashion, here is your chance to try something fun and exciting.

For men


For Women


Carhartt WIP Hong Kong: Giving The Best Through Collaborations

In addition to its own designs and styles, Carhartt WIP also frequently collaborates with famous people and brands to come up with something more unique and interesting. From music to books, Carhartt WIP keeps us enticed and engaged while staying true to the brand’s image and especially to the consumers. Here are a few famous collaborations that you should look out for!

  • 313ONELOVE book launch
  • Carhartt WIP by RETROSUPERFUTURE® - Spring/Summer 2016
  • Carhartt WIP x Mahogani Music
  • A.M x Carhartt WIP - Fall/Winter 2015
  • Stüssy Carhartt WIP Collection

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