Carlo Rino Hong Kong is one of the country’s most recognized handbag brands. Ranging from different types of handbags such as totes, shoulder bags, and satchels, you can trust Carlo Rino’s exquisite Italian design and fine quality on all its products. Scroll below and shop for your own Carlo Rino handbag or click here to know more about Carlo Rino.


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Top Carlo Rino Handbags Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Carlo Pignatelli Handbags HK$ 580.66 YOOX
Carlo Pignatelli Handbags HK$ 580.66 YOOX
Max - Rino Dress HK$ 3,667.47 Italist
Rino & Pelle Jackets HK$ 2,660.06 YOOX
Max Exclusive to – Rino silk top HK$ 2,770.00 Mytheresa
Max Exclusive to – Rino silk top HK$ 2,770.00 Mytheresa
Rino & Pelle Jackets HK$ 1,279.02 YOOX
Max Rino Printed Plisse Midi Dress HK$ 9,565.42 Saks Fifth Avenue
Rino & Pelle Jackets HK$ 2,503.12 YOOX
Rino & Pelle Sweatshirts HK$ 745.44 YOOX
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Carlo Pignatelli Handbags

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Carlo Rino Hong Kong - High Quality Designer Handbags for you   

Since its establishment in 1986 by the Bonia Fashion Group , Carlo Rino has been producing fine quality handbags, wallets, and small leather accessories in Hong Kong. Because of its fine quality products and Italian-inspired design, many mistake Carlo Rino as European, when in fact it is locally-owned and operated. Carlo Rino Hong Kong has a number of products including shoes, wallets, purses and handbags which are known to sport warm colors and exquisite designs for modern women with a global presence in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Cambodia. For modern, cosmopolitan women, having a Carlo Rino handbag is essential, not only as a fashion trend but also a tool to carry all their daily essentials.

Why choose Carlo Rino Handbags

Carlo Rino is known nationwide for its high-quality products. Carlo Rino handbags boasts its classic handbags designs and excellent class leather which contribute to long-lasting use. Carlo Rino handbags are a must-have for cosmopolitan women who are always on the go. Carlo Rino handbags can fit in anywhere with any outfit you wear, with a wide range of colors to choose from. The brand also has different styles, designs and collections that would certainly bring out your personality. Another reason why you should own a Carlo Rino handbag is its premium quality. Made from the finest leather, you can be sure that your Carlo Rino handbag would last a lifetime. Partnered with its classic designs, your Carlo Rino bags will never be out of place, regardless of what outfit your wear.

Different types of Carlo Rino Handbags

Handbags are medium-sized bags that are carried using your hands or shoulders. They are classified according to different types such as totes, shoulder bags, satchels and slings; each varying on size of compartments and the method in which they are carried. To give you an idea, here are different types of Carlo Rino handbags that would look good with any outfit you wear:

Sling Bags
Tote Bags
Shoulder Bags

Carlo Rino Handbags for all occasions

When it comes to bags, Carlo Rino is the perfect choice. Because of its extensive line of handbags, you can choose one that would fit perfectly to your lifestyle. You can do all sorts of activities using a Carlo Rino handbag such as shopping, groceries, school, work, or going out with friends. Because of its medium-sized compartment, you can fit all your daily essentials on totes and slings easily; you don’t have to carry another bag if you have Carlo Rino handbag with you. You can be fashionable anywhere at anytime with Carlo Rino. Take a look at our selection of Carlo Rino handbags above right now!