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DIY cleaning solution for your eyewear

For anyone who has worn or wears glasses, getting it dirty is a common problem faced. This is because; the oil coming out either from our hands or eyes easily creates a layer of dirt that smudges the lenses. Typically, we grab the nearest item such as a tissue or the corner of our shirt to clean it. However, this is not the most ideal method of cleaning your eyewear as it may possibly damage or put some scratches on it. To have your eyewear properly cleaned at home, here are a few do-it-yourself cleaning solutions.

Liquid soap

One of the simplest yet most effective ways of cleaning your eyewear at home is making use of any kinds of liquid soap. To make the solution, simply add a few drop of liquid soap into warm water. Dip your eyeglasses into the solution and leave it in there for 30 seconds. After that, remove it and rub it gently with a soft washcloth. Once that is done, run it under normal water to wash away the remaining soap. Finally, wipe the glasses with a clean cotton cloth.

Baby wash

Another helpful product that can be used to clean your eyewear is baby wash. For the solution, it is recommended to make use of distilled water. Pour it in a container and add a ¼ cup of baby wash into it and mix well by giving it a good shake. Apply a few drop of it and rub it gently with a soft cloth on your glasses. You may also utilize only distilled water for this purpose.

Rubbing alcohol

The chemical properties in rubbing alcohol make it suitable to be used as a cleaning agent. It is very much different from water as it dissolves any sticky residue left on the glasses. You can either use an alcohol spray to clean it directly or make a homemade solution. In a cup of water, dilute one cup of isopropyl alcohol. This is optional, but you can add a drop of dish soap to the mixture. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well until it reaches an even consistency. Only a few drops of solution is needed to be rubbed on the glasses. The solution cleans the glasses perfectly without leaving any streaks behind. Be reminded that this solution is not ideal to be utilized on coated glasses.

Citrus and liquid soap

This cleaner is similar to the liquid soap solution but with the added citrus cleaner. One of the properties of liquid soap is potassium hydroxide which is an important ingredient as a cleaning agent. Firstly, wash your glasses in warm water. In a cup of citrus cleaner, add in a tablespoon of liquid dish wash. Mix well with a quarter cup of water. Apply the mixture gently on the glasses and rinse it with water.

Coated lens cleaner

Most of the eyewear with coated lens is made with plastic. There are many benefits to it such as it is light in weight and also scratch-free. The homemade solutions mentioned above are not suitable to be used on this kind of lenses as it may strip off the coating. Here are a few remedies which are effective.

Castile soap

Typically, castile soap is an olive oil based soap and has disinfecting properties. Place a quarter of a bar of soap in a pan and add water so that it covers the soap. Allow it to simmer for 5 minutes and check to see there are no lumps left in the solution. After that, add in a tablespoon of glycerin and sassafras oil to the pan. Remove the mixture for the heat and let it cool down. You can apply a small amount of the solution onto the cloth and gently clean it. Any remaining mixture on the lense can be washed off with normal water.

White vinegar

White vinegar or acetic acid works great as a disinfectant and helps to tackle all kinds of bacteria. For the solution, mix in equal parts of distilled water and vinegar. Simply pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mix well. Make use of a clean cotton cloth to wipe the coated lens with the solution.

Other methods of cleaning your eyewear

Microfiber cloth

Always keep a microfiber cloth with you if you wear glasses daily as it is the most effective cleaning tool and helps to clean 99% of the dirt on it. On the other hand, it prevents your glass from being scratched or damaged. Wet your lenses with warm water and then gently rub it with the cloth.

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