A lady can never have enough bags, but if you’re looking for well-made, high quality, versatile, stylish and capable to carry all your items, then Celine bags will definitely suit your preference. This French label is always seen on famous models, fashion editors and starlets such as Karlie Kloss, Anna Della Russo and Charlize Theron. Learn more about Celine here.

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Celine Hong Kong: The highly praised luxury bag brand

Celine: the uncommon way to attain its reputation

Celine is one of the most sought after luxury handbags in Hong Kong, designed to enable any women to unleash her inner Parisian chic. The designer Phoebe Philo wants women everywhere to feel independent wearing Celine for their motto is all about dressing up for the customer’s own comfort and style.

Mainly known worldwide for their handbags which took the whole world by storm, Celine also creates looks that are all about perfect tailoring. Celine’s ready to wear apparel designs always knows how to accentuate the figure of a women without losing the cool factor.

Celine Hong Kong collection include:

Founded in 1945, this luxury French fashion label is currently under the creative direction of the famous and always inspiring designer Phoebe Philo. Celine was founded in Paris by Celine Vipiana, the first store focused on making customized children’s shoes. Vipiana’s shoes designs were well sort after that even Princess Caroline and Prince Albert of Monaca were interested in the Celine line of projects. This allowed Vipiana to gain recognition and the Celine brand earned a quick brand boost when the first men and women’s shoe collection were launched.

Then in the early 1950s, Celine begin to launch its own line of luxury items. Celine’s womenswear caught the limelight and transformed the label into one of the most prominent go-to luxury brands today!

Celine to bring fashion to everyone, everywhere and Hong Kong

Celine Vipiana is always innovating, when denim was the it-thing, she redesigned it to be more feminine with a range of pastel denim colours. Her philosophy is that modern women don’t need fancy outfits; women need chic clothes that are easy to wear. This lead Celine to many successful ready-to-wear clothing collections.

Celine joined the LVMH Group in 1996, its accessory and ready-to-wear collections began developing rapidly and Michael Kors was appointed as Celine’s lead designer. Kors relaunch the clothing line and made it one of Celine’s successful collection. The real game changer for Celine happened in 2008, when Phoebe Philo was appointed the successor of Kors.

Philo, a British designer re-discovered Celine’s reputation of timelessness and innovation designs. The original Celine identity was again reborn, with clever cuts and top notch quality fabrics Celine new bags and footwear completely transform Celine’s reputation!

Clear and sophisticated, the Celine look is easy to spot among the crowd. Get your Celine bags and standout among the crowd among Hong Kong fashion setters!

Every lady’s must have Celine bag

Celine makes bags that would be the perfect fit for any occasion depending on each women’s need, be it for a professional businesswomen or a working mother that needs to multitask or a bubbly party goer that wants to attend all the night club events.

Celine bags in multiple sizes, so you get to pick which to suit your needs.

Here’s our selection of Celine bags that every lady should have:

  • Celine Micro Luggage Handbag – the ultimate Celine ambassador, this bag is for ladies that need a chic and professional looking bag for all occasions
  • Celine Trio Bag – for weekend brunches, high teas and any occasion whereby you need a compact but still reliable bag for all your stuff
  • Celine Shoulder Bag – the mother of all Celine bags that will hold anything, don’t let its appearance fool you, it can hold a whole lot of things!
  • Celine Classic Box Bag – simple and elegant, this compact bag will enhance the girlish feminine side of a lady, the epitome of dignity.
  • Celine Belt Bag – this bag exudes womanly charisma, its horizontal shaped and that signature belt design overflows with class

    The famous Celine sunglasses line-up

    Celine sunglasses has been trending on various social media for the past years. Bloggers, Instagrammers and Pinterest addicts have been discussing and praising the effortless beauty of Celine sunglasses line-up. This Parisian brand of eyewear is now among the wish lists of many.

    Many celebrities, fashion bloggers and famous people have also been spotted wearing Celine sunglasses within the past year. Among them include Reese Witherspoon (Celine Catherine Small), Jennifer Garner (Celine Radical), the Kardashian clan (Celine Audrey) and Selena Gomez (Celine Baby Audrey).

    The iconic Celine Audrey Sunglasses

    Among all of Celine Sunglasses collection, the most iconic one is the Celine Audrey Sunglasses. These frames brought an instant stamp of Celine’s brand of polished cool to any outfit or occasion made a name by itself. Inspired and name after Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, this Celine Audrey Sunglasses will accentuate a women’s face shape with its slightly rounded edges and feminine shade of colours. Its thick luscious acetate, deep flattering lenses and hinge pins also give a strong authentic feel and a luxurious experience.

    Here’s our selection of Celine sunglasses that every lady should have:

    Celine Audrey Sunglasses – the iconic must have from the brand, be sure to look for a suitable colour and frame shape to suit you!
    Celine Thin Preppy – popularised by Miranda Kerr, this pair will add that quirky and fun element to your whole look
    Celine Shadow Sunglasses – the second most searched Celine sunglasses, bring out the ‘rage’ in you with this pair of cool shades

    With so many worthy pieces to choose from Celine Hong Kong, take your time and browse through our amazing offerings at the iprice store!