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Shop for Celine bags at iprice Hong Kong

Celine bags exude womanly charisma

Remember the Celine Luggage Tote bags that became a craze on Pinterest, Instagram and clad by many Hollywood stars? Celine Luggage Tote was an instant ‘It Bag’ when it was launched in 2010 and has become a part of one of the foundational bag lines by Céline that has remained a timeless icon.

Then, when the Celine Trapeze bag was launched in 2014, a new love is found! With a sexy shape and even sexier features, the Celine Trapeze bag is destined to follow the Luggage Tote’s example (we rekon it may also surpass its predecessor). Besides the two, Celine’s absolutely cute Classic Box Bags and Trio Pouch are also bags that will melt hearts of many ladies. Looking for a more charismatic Celine bag? Get the Celine Phantom bag that will make mix and match a breeze with its feminine shape and one tone colour.

Simple, classic, minimalist – Celine bags are very wearable

Let’s talk more about the Celine Luggage Tote. Structured with a sturdy finish, the Luggage Tote can be bought in Nano, Micro and Mini sizes. Reality star-turned-model Kendall Jenner loves the Celine Nano Luggage Totes, she definitely has a closet dedicated to the series as she has been spotted in various casual and going-out occasions with various colours and limited editions of the bag. The Luggage Tote is undeniably a statement bag in every respect, owned by the most coveted stars, editors and style icons.

On the other hand, the Celine Phantom bag also has its own charm that may keep you torn in between the two bags when selecting which to get. Even though both bags are of the same bag range family, the Phantom is majorly launched in a medium size with a wider base and wingspan. Ladies will love the Phantom for its spaciousness and ability to expand for more storage space as the saying goes, ‘you can find anything in a girl’s bag’. With a softer leather finish and suede lining, the Celine Phantom bag’s wings are more susceptible to movement. Also with a braided tassel zip, the Phantom looks more feminine!

Why do you need a Celine bag?

If you are still not a Celine bag convert, read on to find out why you should be one.

  • Shape: Compact and simplistically shaped, Celine bag is the most coveted handbag of the early 21st century.
  • Phoebe Philo: Celine's creative director who oversees the creation of the Chloe Paddington and Silverado Bags in her time at Chloe has exceptional taste in bags and makes solid choices when creating Celine bags.
  • Sturdy and Spacious with Subtle elegance: Celine bags do not have any kind of logo or monogram fabric, no logo-shaped hardware of any kind. Only a "Celine" in a tiny, metallic heat stamp on most of the brand's bags and that's it. Especially in the less-popular styles, Celine bags are about as discreet as they can be.

So, go for Celine when you are looking for a bag, you will thank us when you see the interior of a Celine bag, flawless and even nicer than its exterior. More bags for women at iprice Hong Kong.

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