Don’t just let your pair of Chanel earrings lay around on your dressing table. There’s a way to properly store your Chanel earrings so they don’t tarnish or so you can avoid the possibility of losing them. Learn more about how to store your Chanel earrings HK below.

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How to Safely Store Your Chanel Earrings in Hong Kong

Imagine this: you’re donning your favourite Chanel tweed suit and dual-coloured heels, the scent of Chanel No. 5 perfume lingers in the air. Yet, you feel something is still missing and finishing your ensemble off with the iconic Chanel-Esque faux pearls is not enough. A pair of Chanel earrings can definitely complete your sophisticated look, whether you’re going to an important meeting at the office or to a fundraiser gala. The interlocked double-C logo, embellished with diamonds and crystals, will surely turn heads wherever you go.

As important as a pair of Channel earrings can be, it’s crucial that you know how to properly store them. Besides, you don’t want to waste all that money you’ve invested in these pieces of jewellery. Whether you have the Chanel logo earrings, Chanel pearl earrings, or plain Chanel stud earrings, here are some ideas on how to store your Chanel earrings safely and properly.

Jewellery Box

The jewellery box is perhaps the most common place to store your Chanel earrings. By placing your Chanel earrings in a jewellery box, you can shield it from dirt, dust, or even insects. You can also place your rings, brooches, and other studs inside a jewellery box as well as they are available in a variety of sizes.

Soft Cloth Bags

Chanel would often give a complimentary cloth bag for your jewellery, just like how they do for your bags, shoes, and accessories. You can either store your Channel earrings individually or group them together inside one bag. However, you still need to store these soft cloth bags somewhere safer if you don’t want to lose them.

Jewellery Display

If you would like to store your Chanel earrings somewhere that’s easy to reach, you can opt for a hanging jewellery display. You can hook your Chanel earrings on the display and store the studs at the bottom of the saucer plate. Nevertheless, this will not shield your Chanel earrings for dust. Be that as it may, if you wear the earrings every day, then they would less likely to accumulate dirt or dust.

Safe Box

Lastly, a safe box is probably, well, the safest place you can store your Chanel earrings. You can find a smaller version of the safe box so it can fit in your closet or drawer. These safe boxes are often equipped with their own number dials so you don’t need to lock it with a bulky padlock. In the safe box, you can also store other Chanel jewellery safely, especially those that are limited edition, vintage, or diamond-crusted.

Now that you know some of the options on where to store your Chanel earrings, it’s important to also maintain them by cleaning your jewellery regularly. You can simply wipe them or soak them in some sort of disinfecting solution.

Can I buy Chanel earrings online?

Yes, you can purchase Chanel earrings online. Chanel has launched their own website where they list their jewellery and depending on your location, your selection will vary. Other than that, you can also get Chanel earrings from trusted fashion merchants like Farfetch Hong Kong.

Are Chanel earrings worth it?

Chanel jewellery tends to retain its value over time. A pair of vintage Chanel earrings can be an actual asset. Should you decide to sell them in the future, you can get cash for them, unlike most non-branded costume jewellery that has no resale value.

Are Chanel earrings real gold?

Genuine Chanel costume earrings are made of base metals. Precious metals such as gold, platinum and sterling are never used for this costume line.