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Chanel is one of those fashion brands that will always guarantee luxury and sophistication. Thanks to Coco Chanel, women everywhere from all classes can enjoy high-quality, beautifully-smelling perfumes, something that only the upper-class ladies would wear. Read here to find out what the brand’s top fragrances are and where to spray them to get to most out of your Chanel perfumes.

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CHANEL au De Parfum Spray 50ml
HK$ 844.00
Harvey Nichols

Use code CNY10 for 10% OFF discount on fashion only | The new women's fragrance by Chanel is a luminous composition. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, the House of Chanel perfumer Olivier Polge, working with the Chanel Laboratory of Creation and Development of Perfumes, composed a solar flower based on a bouquet of 4 white flowers. The fragrance appears to hover weightlessly within the exceptional square bottle, crafted of ultra-thin glass. The 4 transparent sides fade into the background allowing the light-filled fragrance to shine through. The label and the stopper have the same shape and the same indefinable lamé colour, between gold and silver. The sleeve interior is warmed with an even more precious gold. The case features a special internal sleeve that protects the bottle, nestled in an imprint of its silhouette. Gabrielle Chanel is the fragrance of a solar woman. It is a pure floral. A solar flower based on a bouquet of 4 white flowers, 4 points of light that mirrors the 4 corners of the bottle. A creamy and enveloping heart of exotic jasmine, shimmering with the fruity green notes of ylang-ylang. Fresh and sparkling orange blossom shines through, offering a glimpse of Grasse tuberose captured in its purest form. It is THE perfect flower, a radiant and sparkling, purely feminine Chanel flower. The new women's fragrance by Chanel is a luminous composition. The Gabrielle Chanel fragrance is worn ostensibly. Intensely. Apply on skin and on the lining of clothing in a deliberate and generous spray. Renew as often as desired.£16.4 per 10.00ml

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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle HK$ 863.00 Sa Sa
Gabrielle Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4oz, 100ml HK$ 1,398.00 Cosme-De
Coco Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7oz, 50ml HK$ 864.00 Cosme-De
Gabrielle Cuff HK$ 47,499.00 Farfetch
Allure Homme Eau de Toilette 3.4oz, 100ml HK$ 801.00 Cosme-De
N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray (100 ml) HK$ 1,274.00 Sa Sa
Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette 3 x 0.7oz, 3 x 20ml HK$ 865.00 Cosme-De
Pour Monsieur Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4oz, 100ml HK$ 855.00 Cosme-De
Platinum Egoiste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette 1.7oz, 50ml HK$ 632.00 Cosme-De
Coco / EDT Spray 1.7 oz (50 ml) (w) HK$ 847.00 Jomashop
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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

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Top Chanel Perfumes in Hong Kong and Strategic Places to Spritz Them

Chanel might be widely known for their luxurious handbags and clothing but this French luxurious fashion brands also manufacture top of the line perfumes. Their fragrances are made with the highest quality of ingredients, ranging from flowers, woods, leaves, and spices. The 5 fragrances below are created with extreme care and combines ingredients that will result in evoking scents. Here are the 5 most popular Chanel perfumes of all time.

5 Most Popular Chanel Perfumes



Top Note

Middle Note/Heart

Base Note

Chanel No. 5


Neroli, ylang-ylang, peach, bergamot, aldehydes

Fresh jasmine, lily of the valley, iris, may rose

Moss, patchouli, vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, Myrose sandalwood

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle


Orange, mandarin orange, orange blossom, bergamot

Mimosa, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine

Patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, white musk, tonka bean

Chance Eau Fraiche


Lemon, cedar

Pink pepper, jasmine, water hyacinth

Iris, amber, vetiver, teak wood, patchouli, white musk

Coco Noir


Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit

Narcissus, rose geranium leaf, jasmine, rose

Tonka bean, vanilla, patchouli, white musk frankincense, sandalwood

Chanel Allure


Lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, passionfruit

Jasmine, water lily, may rose, honeysuckle, freesia, orange blossom, peony, magnolia

Sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, amber

Where and How to Properly Spray Your Chanel Perfumes

Since Chanel perfumes tend to come at a higher price point, it is essential for you to find strategic places to spray your perfume. This is so that you don’t waste any of the precious formula carefully created by top Chanel French perfumers. To make your Chanel perfumes last all day, follow these simple steps.

Experts say that heat is the most efficient element in activating the scent in a perfume. Considering this, you should try spritzing your Chanel perfumes on various pulse points on your body. These pulse points include behind the ear, on your wrists, inside your elbow, and behind the knee. Other than these pulse points, you can also spray your Chanel perfumes on your hair, in your belly button, and on your clothes.

Spray the perfume by holding the perfume bottle five or six inches from your body. After spraying on these areas, avoid rubbing the perfume. Contrary to popular belief, rubbing the perfume would break down its molecules and sends them into the air instead. Besides spraying on your pulse points, you can try to elongate the scent of your perfume by moisturizing your skin. Moisturized skin will hold your perfumes better compared to dry, cracked skin.

Moreover, aside from these steps above, ensure that you store your luxurious Chanel perfumes away from heat and direct sunlight. Humidity, heat, and light will break down all the compounds in your perfume, stripping it of all its scents. Store your Chanel perfume in a cool and secure place, out of the humidity of the bathroom and direct sunlight.