Charriol is a prestigious luxury brand of timepieces, fine jewellery and accessories, encompassing fragrances, eyewear and leather goods. Founded in 1983 by French entrepreneur Philippe Charriol (1942-2019), the brand remains an independent enterprise. Learn more about Charriol HK below.

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Everyday Essentials from Charriol Hong Kong

Charriol is a global prestige brand built on heritage. Since its beginnings in 1983, the Maison has endeavoured to bring forth products which are uniquely designed and inherently different. Its main source of inspiration- the cable- endures as a symbol of strength and of courage, and remains a testament of everlasting empowerment admired by many the world over.

Ring Infinity Zen

Drawing her inspiration from the serene and tranquil Japanese gardens she has enjoyed visiting in the past, art director Coralie Charriol Paul has designed this stunning open-shank ring with minimalism in mind. Perfectly balanced and proportioned, it features a tapering stainless steel circle in rose gold PVD and a loop of their iconic woven cable. A fresh and elegant look to treasure.

Celtic Earrings

Inspired by the early arts and crafts of the ancient Celtic people, the Celtic line is a long-standing staple of Charriol’s jewellery collection. This chic range is loved for its strikingly simple yet ultra-sophisticated silhouettes featuring the brands signature finely twisted cable motif. Now, the collection welcomes with delicate pair of hoop earrings in silver and silver cable. Subtle and understated, yet imbued with Charriol glamour and luxury, this is a design that you’ll go to again and again.

Twist Bangle

The Twist Ivy stainless steel bangle with its assertive femininity is inspired by the symbolism of the fidelity and immortality of ivy, perfectly “linked” to nature. Unattached, a distinctive 3 cables (2mm) bangle wraps around the wrist of a triple turn in perfect freedom and comfort. Its 52 centimetres long with a spectacular mineral sylph line is decorated with 6 graphic and poetic cross stainless steel yellow gold PVD symbols. A wild and original jewel, imbued with a singular sense of aestheticism and original design to express the Charriol woman’s beautiful and intense nature.

St. Tropez Watch 30mm

Take a sun-kissed trip to the Frech Riviera with their much-loved St. Tropez watch collection. Delightfully feminine, this pretty Swiss-made quartz timepiece features Charriol’s signature braided cable motif on the strap, alongside an additional chain bracelet to add a unique jewellery accent to the design. Full of elegance and sophistication, it is crafted in yellow gold plating and stainless steel with a white sunburst mother-of-pearl dial and diamond embellishment. A quintessential ladies’ watch, epitomizing Charriol’s artistry and style. The size can be adjusted to find the perfect fit and the strap features and hypoallergenic finish.

How do you clean Charriol?

Take off your jewellery while putting on cosmetic, playing sports or cleaning with chemicals. Simply rinse the jewellery piece with a soft brush in cool water (never use hot) and lay them out to dry on a towel or with cool air by a hairdryer. Regular cleaning and checking prolong the life of a jewellery piece.