Chinese New Year 2019 is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time for decorations to be put up around the house or the workplace. Chinese New Year decorations are usually red in color as it symbolizes good luck. These Chinese decorations are also often embellished with gold detailing to showcase prosperity, which are the two most common things that are celebrated during every Chinese New Year. Read all about Chinese decoration in the article below.

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What Every Chinese New Year Decoration in Hong Kong Means

If you don’t normally celebrate Chinese New Year, you’d think that the Chinese decorations are only put up for aesthetic reasons. Actually, every Chinese decoration that you see during CNY 2019 will have their own special meanings and history behind it. Of course, it mainly revolves around inviting prosperity and happiness in the New Year but each decoration piece has individual characteristics that’ll separate them from the rest.

The Red Lantern

The red lantern is one of the most common Chinese New Year decorations. Usually hung near entrances or front lawns, red lanterns are believed to guide good luck into the front door of your household. They vary in sizes and are often decorated with gold detailing to make it extra festive.

The Orange Trees

People would decorate their homes or workplaces with orange or kumquat trees because the color of the fruit is akin to the color of gold. The fruit is also given out when friends and family visit during an open house. Some people would also hang red envelopes or angpao on these orange trees to maximise the level of good luck they invite to their homes.

The “Fu”

The Chinese have their own specific character for good luck and that is the “Fu” or the “Fook”. You can expect this character to be pasted or hung everywhere in one’s home or workplace on decorative red paper. An interesting belief regarding the good luck character is that people would often hang the character upside down so the good luck would spill out into the home.

The Animal

Since a different animal or Chinese zodiac is celebrated every Chinese New Year, it makes sense to feature the animal symbol in your decorations for CNY 2019. This year is the year of the pig so you can feature the animal on your lanterns, cutouts, couplets, red envelopes, and more. You can even create DIY pig decorations using craft paper, glitter, and more.

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