Are you easily distracted by shiny objects? If you agree that life is too short to wear boring jewelry, then read on to find out more about this eye catching jewelry brand Chomel. With various accessories, necklace, earrings, brooches and bracelets to choose from, take your pick and match your Chomel accessories to complete your look. Browse through Chomel products below now at the iprice store.

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Reasonably affordable jewelry for you

Accessories, due to its wide range of products come in different prices. Chomel offers these accessories at reasonable and affordable prices allowing all women to shine like a star without putting a hole in their wallet. Chomel offers well-edited collections of beautiful jewelry of quality and a wide collection of styles in contemporary classic and trendy designs. Chomel's jewelry are designed for the fashionable women of all ages for everyday outfits and for any occasions. Pair them with your evening gown for a glamorous night out or enhance your elegant dress for weddings.

Chomel provides the finishing touches to a women’s look with its classy accessories, accessories are like vitamins to fashion — as such, you should use them liberally to enhance your confidence. Achieve the stylish, elegant and sophisticated look with Chomel accessories available at iprice store.

Chomel’s collection of fashion accessories

A proud Singaporean brand, Chomel that was named from the Malay language word takes the meaning of cute or pretty. Chomel stays true to its name with its collections that are created to make more women feel good and better about themselves. Just like Yin and Yang, without the suitable accessories, any selection of outfit would look incomplete, like there is just something missing. Selecting the right women’s accessories says a lot about a person’s personal style. It represents how a person sees a piece of accessory and how they hope to wear it. Knowing how important accessories are to every woman no matter how old they are, Chomel, a leading and established retailer of fashion accessories, creates beautiful shine and shimmers that would surely make you stand out among the rest, looking beautiful and sophisticated.

Among Chomel’s signature collection, include:

The Cubic Zirconia Collection – also known as the CZ collection, this collection features man-made diamond substitutes that has a similar hardness to a real diamond. CZ stones are craved with advanced technology, are created to look like real jewelry at a much more affordable price. The collection also comes with rhodium plating, making the diamonds look bigger and shinier. Besides the white CZ, other colors like red (ruby), green (emerald), blue (sapphire) and purple (amethyst) are also available in the CZ collection ranging from glamorous statements to classic elegant styles.

The Rose Gold Collection — this rose gold themed collection comes in a range of designs with various colored crystals. This collection offer timeless and chic designs, you can expect to find many colors and get statement pieces that will enhance your outfit. This collection features a simple string of rose gold necklace and pairs it up with pearls, crystals and CZ pendants for an alluring vintage look.

These two collection can be found at the iprice store in a range of bracelets, necklaces, brooches and earrings.

Get inspired with Chomel and bejeweled

Heard of the saying that jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your collection of jewelry, with the correct paring, years might be taken off you! Chomel with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry knows what its offering, that is affordable jewelry collection to fulfill each women’s need to be fashionable and express their unique characters.

Try the brooch accessorizing with Chomel brooches even the Duchess Catherine III also prefers brooch fashion to a necklace. Sometimes with a significant brooch design pinned on your outfit can carry a stronger statement as compared to a necklace, especially at meetings and formal events.

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At the iprice store, Chomel jewelry are priced from HKD 90 to HKD 310 so get your very own pieces via online shopping at South East Asia’s One Stop Shopping Destination. Any perfect outfit needs the perfect accessories to complement it, choose Chomel jewelry that is both stylish and affordable!

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