Founded in Los Angeles by Richard Stark, John Bowman and Leonard Kamhout, Chrome Hearts initially started producing biker culture-inspired products that Stark himself couldn’t find, namely jewellery and moto jackets. The design house since then expanded to other items such as furniture, clothing collaborations, kitchen items, bikes and more. Learn more about Chrome Hearts HK below.

How many Chrome Hearts stores are there? | Who is the owner of Chrome Hearts?

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Top Chrome Hearts Price List 2021

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Chrome Hearts Sunglasses HK$ 9,709.52 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Silver bracelet HK$ 18,819.22 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Black Cotton T-shirt HK$ 2,875.30 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Black Cotton T-shirt HK$ 4,139.49 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Leather belt HK$ 18,000.04 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Silver Chain Bracelet HK$ 133,372.58 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Bracelet HK$ 8,803.44 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Vest HK$ 35,127.65 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Yellow gold ring HK$ 14,876.19 Vestiaire Collective
Chrome Hearts Hat HK$ 3,335.30 Vestiaire Collective
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Chrome Hearts Sunglasses

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What You Need To Know About Chrome Hearts Hong Kong

Blending Vintage & Modern Elements in Eyewear Collection

Gravitating towards vintage silhouettes with modern elements, Chrome Hearts has unveiled a range of titanium and acetate sunglasses that are designed for those with a penchant for retro appeal and an eye for luxe detailing.

Intricate gold accents and decorative metal side panels embellish the unique styles. Ranging from massively oversized hexagonal styles to dramatic wayfarer-esque frames, the collection experiments with colourways, shapes and materiality- showcasing Chrome Hearts’ dedication towards uncanny unions and playful designs. Highlights of the collection include the “Clapper,” a modern execution on the tiny, oval-lensed silhouettes, the “Whisker Biscuit” aviators with dark green lenses and bold “Honey Tunnel” frames with enamel-filled grooves along with the end pieces and temples.

How many Chrome Hearts stores are there?

Chrome Hearts has grown into a 28-store operation with locations in places like Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas. Each store offers its own unique look and products.

Who is the owner of Chrome Hearts?

Founder Richard Stark and his wife Laurie Lynn Stark started Chrome Hearts three decades ago from scratch, building it from biker leathers to fleur-de-lis silver jewellery to luxury lifestyle purveyor of handcrafted Gothic lettered logo t-shirts, vintage denim, and more.