When talking about Chuwi products, people just prefer them because they are so easy to use despite being affordable and powerful at the same time. Read more about Chuwi Hong Kong below.

Chuwi Phones & Tablets

Chuwi Hong Kong - Changing The Way You Enjoy Technology

Since its inception, Chuwi has been designing and marketing primarily high-performance tablets around the world. Thanks to its ingenuity and innovation that Chuwi displays in all of its products, they immediately became popular as many people had been attracted in getting them. In fact, critics and consumers alike praised Chuwi for being consistent in manufacturing high products that can make the real difference.

Not just that, Chuwi has succeeded where no others have when it comes to making affordable tech products that boast serious performances and capabilities. As a result, more and more people are able to own and enjoy the experience of using tech products which are otherwise inaccessible by most people due to high cost and poor user experience as well. Just as the dawn of technology beckons, so too Chuwi emerges as the brand that people prefer in experiencing the seamless digital experience.

The Story of Chuwi Hong Kong

Despite its short history, Chuwi has been maturing as it continues to expand its expertise and strength in developing better high tech products that can fulfil the needs of others. It all began in the year 2004 when Chuwi was first established in Shenzhen, China. In September 2004, Chuwi unleashed its own 1.1-inch dual screen player which it proudly developed on its own. As it proved to be popular with many people, this led to Chuwi's efforts in experimenting with various ways that it can adopt in designing its products to be distinct from others. In other words, Chuwi was exploring how it played the role in transforming the interaction between users and their technological devices.

It was not until March 2007 that Chuwi desired to make an impact on the market by launching its own brand. As this was the sign of Chuwi's aspiration in entering the oversaturated high tech market, it also illustrated the ambition of Chuwi in capturing the market. In January 2008, Chuwi released its own 2.8 inches 16: 9 S800 MP4 player. Later, Chuwi launched 7 inches "big screen" M70 series in March of the same year. At the end of that year, Chuwi managed to unveil its P7 MP4 player that can play 1080 HD video. In June 2010, Chuwi took the opportunity in releasing a tiny yet aesthetically aspiring Chuwi Lark MP3 player. Proved to be stylish and portable at the same time, it instantly drew many willing buyers who wanted something different. The following month saw Chuwi launching its Chuwi P7 e-book.

For Chuwi, 2012 was the year of a breakthrough as its tablets had entered the era of dual-core which simply meant they were more efficient; Chuwi tablets emerged as one of the best tablets at that stage. Believing user-friendliness is the key to success, Chuwi stresses on designing its products to be simple and easy to use. Unsurprisingly, Chuwi products enjoy great success because customers just love how fun it is to use them without having a headache. At the same time, it proves to be easy in teaching others to use Chuwi products. Aside from producing tablets, Chuwi also found success in marketing its robot vacuum as well.

Pursuing Innovation Like Never Before

From the beginning, Chuwi is all about pursuing innovations that prove to be beneficial to its users. Emphasizing the importance of user-friendliness, Chuwi products are simple to use. No matter how advanced a product is, it will not make a difference when it is hard to use it. However, Chuwi products boast impressive features and specifications that allow you to experience totally tantalizing digital experience. As if it is not enough, Chuwi is proud to announce that it is forming a global strategic partnership with both Intel and Microsoft in designing better tablets!

Popular Chuwi Products That People Love

Chuwi Tablets

Renowned for offering better value for money while being powerful tech devices at the same time, Chuwi tablets are one of the most sought after Chuwi products. Whether reading your emails or watching videos, Chuwi tablets will always be there for you. These are the popular Chuwi tablets that people love to use:

Chuwi HiBook Pro

Utilising full lamination technology, Chuwi HiBook Pro contains close to zero distance in its LCD touch screen that reduces unnecessary spaces while providing stunningly beautiful images. At the same time, it enables the Chuwi Hibook Pro to be both solid and slim that you can carry it comfortably without getting damaged easily. This 10.1-inch Chuwi tablet (2560 x 1600 resolution) is able to display sharper 2K videos with high details.

Housing 4GB DDR3L RAM/64GB eMMC ROM, it enables Chuwi HiBook Pro to achieve astonishingly 150 m/ss in its reading and writing speed. When you desire bigger storage options to store your growing library of movies, videos, pictures and other documents, you can extend your storage to 64GB.

Boasting a powerful 8000mAh battery, this means that you are able to use this tablet until the end of the day without being panic that your tablet will die easily. Despite such a large capacity, you can get it back in full charge by recharging in just 3 hours. Most importantly, it is not just a simple tablet because you can turn it into a computer by just plugging into a keyboard. Not just that, you can even connect joystick, gamepad, wheel or others for limitless fun!

Chuwi Hi12

At the size of 12 inches, Chuwi Hi12 has been said to be packing serious firepower as it houses the incredible 1.44GHz quad-core Cherry Trail Z8300 CPU that is supported by Intel Gen8 iGPU. Not only that, but it is also aided by 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM. As a result, you will be able to enjoy its smooth performance when running several intense applications at the same time. Additionally, it comes with specific ports for HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. This means that Chuwi Hi12 is such a versatile device that you can carry anywhere; it proves to be very handy when you need to do a presentation. With the amazing power of 11000mAh battery, you certainly do not expect Chuwi Hi12 to die so soon even with such extended usage.

Experience The Rush Of Technology Within Your Fingertips

The pace of technology has been growing faster than ever before. While many manufacturers and brands continue to release their tech products, only a few of them like Chuwi actually stress the importance of emphasizing user-friendliness or usability. For the latest Chuwi products, you can check them at Chuwi electronics.

Is Chuwi HeroBook good?

The Chuwi HeroBook is great for low-impact work. With an all-day battery, 1080p display, and all-around decent design, the HeroBook makes it easy to live with some of its shortcomings. Especially if you have an additional budget to spend on the laptop.