Whether you are looking for a timepiece to add to your existing watch collection or simply want to purchase a new watch for everyday watch, you can never go wrong with a Citizen watch. Find out more about the timeless watches offered by Citizen Hong Kong below.


Trending Citizen Watch Collections in Hong Kong

Regarded to be the epitome of Japanese watch engineering, Citizen has been providing top-class timepieces to its global consumers. Be it fashion watches, luxury chronograph collections, accessories, or watch straps, Citizen Hong Kong delivers quality and elegance through its extensive array of watches. For avid watch collectors, your personal collection of watches is not complete without a premium specimen from Citizen Hong Kong.

For more than eight decades, Citizen Hong Kong has been manufacturing top-of-the-line fashion and chronograph watches as well as watch accessories. Throughout the years, Citizen has constantly innovated and reinvented the way the brand makes watches to ensure that they provide the best for its consumers. From offering new features to using materials, Citizen Hong Kong’s timepieces remain true to its oath of providing quality timepieces.

Citizen Hong Kong provides a wide array of watch collections that you can choose from. Besides its classic collections that have transcended generations such as Citizen Eco-Drive, Citizen Signature, and Drive from Citizen, the brand also has many other series that have become an instant favourite. These increasingly popular collections include:

Satellite Wave Collection

If you are a frequent flyer and constantly travel across different time zones, then a model from this collection is a great watch for you to have. With amazing speed and ease, these Citizen watches equipped with satellite technology will receive a GPS satellite signal to adjust to new time zones in as little as 3 seconds. With coverage spanning across 40 of the existing UTC standard time zones, Citizen Hong Kong watches in this collection ensure accurate timekeeping in all situations. Whether you are trekking through dense jungles, cruising the oceans, or climbing the Earth’s peaks, you will never need to worry about having the correct time.

Drive from Citizen

Equipped with Citizen Hong Kong’s patented Eco-Drive® technology, watches in this series are powered by light and never need a battery. Eco-Drive converts all forms of light – sunlight, artificial light, etc. – into electrical energy which is stored in a power cell. This, in turn, will drive the motor, gears, and the hands of the watches. On a single full charge, a Citizen watch with this technology can run for over 6 months, even if stored in the dark. This means that you need not worry about exchange their batteries.

Proximity Collection

The watches in this collection offer smart technology in the design of classic timepieces. By having a Proximity model, you can receive notifications at a glance by pairing the watch to your smartphone using a low-energy Bluetooth connection. You can also manage customizable features from an app on your iPhone or Android device which includes time/date sync, call notifications and filtering, visual and vibrating alerts for texts, social media, and more. Best of all, watches in the Proximity collection require no wires or cords to charge as they are also equipped with Eco-Drive technology, meaning that they do not need to be plugged in to charge as they are powered by light.

Silhouette Crystal Collection

Impress the women in your life with these timepieces from Citizen Hong Kong’s Silhouette Crystal collection. Elegantly fashionable and precise, watches in this collection is decorated with Swarovski and creates an appeal unlike any other. These watches also feature the Eco-Drive technology which means that you need not worry about battery change or recharging as they can be powered by light. If you are searching for a Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary gift, look no further than a unit from this collection.

Atomic Timekeeping Collection

Combining atomic timekeeping and Eco-Drive technology, experience convenience, and precision in a single watch. A generating tower that transmits an exceptionally accurate time signal from an atomic clock. The internal receiver of the watches captures the signal and display the accurate time. The atomic timing signal is accurate to 1 second over 20 million years.

Promaster Collection

Go higher, deeper, and further, with Promaster watches from Citizen Hong Kong. Designed for trail-blazers and adventure seekers who like to challenge themselves to go beyond their limits, these watches sport multiple features that make them the ideal companion for your travels. Being adventure-centred watches, they are made of durable and scratch-resistant materials to withstand terrains and harsh weather conditions. Match your sense of adventure with watches from the Promaster collection.

Citizen Hong Kong is a time-tested brand that has survived well over 8 decades and is a great example of Japanese engineering. Elegant, accurate, and icons of true beauty, complement your look with timepieces from Citizen Hong Kong.

Besides Citizen Hong Kong, you can also check out watches from other brands such as Seiko, Rolex, and Swatch for more options.