If you have the desire to look smart, sexy and sophisticatedly beautiful all at the same time, Closet is the brand that you have been looking for.

Closet Clothing

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Disney Princesses had been and still is a big influence to any kids’ lives. Their magical lives and the happily ever after has always been a dream to achieve as a kid. But one thing that was loved by all the little girls everywhere is the magical and beautiful dresses that these Disney Princesses wore. Even when they draw a girl or a woman, they always draw them in a dress. In their innocent mind, a dress can magically transform any women to be a beautiful and elegant princess that deserves a happily ever after. Closet is a brand that gives you a chance to be the princess you have always dreamed of. You can never go wrong when Closet has just the answers for you in the floral prints, lace and ribbons and pearls and glitters design.

About Closet

Created for women who is up and about before the sun rises, always on the move with busy career and yet knows how to take time off for fun, Closet is one of the favourite brands among the ladies in London. Being in the fashion industry for more than 15 years, Closet infuses bold colours and classic patterns into their contemporary and modern design that suits the needs of their devoted and valued Closet girls. Closet designs are made up of dresses that can be worn for every occasions, work, parties, weddings or even for a casual night out with your friends.