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Montblanc 30mm Leather Belt HK$ 2,632.68 LUISAVIAROMA
Montblanc 35mm Reversible Leather Belt HK$ 2,918.09 LUISAVIAROMA
TOM FORD 25mm Lozenge Buckle Leather Belt HK$ 5,882.77 LUISAVIAROMA
TOM FORD 3cm Tf Reversible Leather Belt HK$ 5,475.05 LUISAVIAROMA
Diesel 30mm Studded Leather Belt W/ Chain HK$ 2,096.83 LUISAVIAROMA
Dunhill Reversible Leather Belt HK$ 2,228.48 Saks Fifth Avenue
TOM FORD 4cm T Classic Leather Belt HK$ 6,174.00 LUISAVIAROMA
TOM FORD 4cm T Reversible Leather Belt HK$ 5,242.07 LUISAVIAROMA
FORBEAR Patterned Nylon Belt HK$ 60.76 YesStyle
Dunhill Textured Leather Belt HK$ 2,228.48 Saks Fifth Avenue
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Montblanc 30mm Leather Belt

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Belts : The Gird Of Greatness

Most people will think wearing a belt is just another practical thing to do as you will need it to keep to support your pants or other clothes. Not only that, a lot of them even use those plain-looking belt designs which look dull when going for other important functions and festivities as they believe belt is nothing more than just a necessary support to hold their pants together. Moreover, these old fashioned plain belts also look dated because they are getting worn easily due to use of poor and cheap materials in their construction. In other words, you certainly do not want to be seen as an antique by others who immediately take note of your belt that reeks of obsolescence. However, the belt does contain its own potential in contributing to your overall appearance. Whether you opt for more formal or casual, the belt plays an important role in boosting your theme.

How To Wear Your Belt

Despite its simple look, wearing a belt can be really complicated as the mismatched wardrobe can be painfully obvious and unnerving. Little did you know, wearing a belt is not that difficult when you discover it is all about common sense. When done right, you will be surprised how much that it adds to your overall appearance as it is a classic example of the phrase, "greater than the sum of its parts". When getting your belt, you must avoid the one that can cause you to have long tail end as the length of a belt does affect your look. A lot of people also have forgotten about another important aspect in selecting a belt: its belt buckle design. Generally, bigger belt buckle design means that it is less formal and leaning toward casual side. If you are dressing for more formal occasion, you get a smaller belt buckle design.

If you think that wearing a belt is a fashion disaster, why not just ditch it away and avoid wearing if it is possible? The truth is that belt is another awesome accessory that many did not really take note of its incredible potential in transforming your appearance into one that is truly stylish. In other words, people often overlook the potential of belt as an accessory piece that can make the real difference. In fact, belts have been used as both functional and decorative purposes in the military as those officers that came from noble or leading families made it a point to exhibit their martial disposition with them. Even other dignitaries around the world have been wearing lavishly designed belts to show their status and power. Once more and more people recognize the difference that a belt can make, it has also enjoyed a surge in its popularity as various famous personalities don them in the both public and private spheres. As for you, enjoy learning how to use your belt to the fullest in cultivating your own taste and theme.

Top Belt Brands That You Should Have

Gucci: As the best selling Italian brand in luxury goods, Gucci boasts its own exceptionally designed belts that continue to make headlines in the fashion world. Its signature double G buckle is definitely something that will impress anyone who immediately recognize its fashion value and power.
Hermes: Famous for its release of the simple yet iconic H buckles that everyone loves, Hermes is undoubtedly another leading brand when it comes to designing great belt designs. While its classic H buckle still remains as the most sought after belt design in its arsenal, Hermes also produces other noteworthy designs that keep the world in awe. These lovely belt designs are Hermes Etriviere, Hermes Collier de Chien, Hermes Cargo and Hermes Constance.
Salvatore Ferragamo: This famous Italian brand has been making its own popular collection of shoes, handbags, accessories and belts as well. Taking its cue from the iconic Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, the Salvatore Ferragamo belts are also sophisticated pieces that exude elegance and refined taste.

Exhibit Your Style With Belts

Undeniably, the belt is the piece that can surprise you in many ways as it is often overlooked. Learning to match your belt with shoes can yield even more amazing result. You should take a look at latest shoes trend that can be complemented with your belt.