Even when the night is cold and the winter crawls in, don’t ever sacrifice your style. You can still be stylish and keep warm with different types and designs of coats. To find out more about the different types of coats that you can wear during colder days, read the article here.


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Different Types of Coats in Hong Kong To Tackle Every Weather

Winter coats are a necessity if you live in the colder regions. Without it, you can expose yourself to the risk of getting a cold, flu, or other more serious ailments. With just a simple piece of clothing, you can avoid all that and be stylish at the same time.

Here are the different type and styles of coats that you can wear to vary your daily winter wear.


Anorak is usually worn in some of the coldest regions in the world. This is because an anorak coat comes with a fur-lined hood and is made with waterproof material. Anorak coats are rather thick because of its insulated layers.

Camel Coat

The traditional camel coat is made with the hair of Bactrian camel but there are other vegan alternatives. A camel coat is a straight outerwear with long collars and padded shoulders. Typically neutral in color, camel coats are now available in other colors like green and navy.

Cocoon Coat

Cocoon coats look similar to a cocoon; it drapes around the wearer without defined shoulders and comes without buttons or fasteners. The cocoon coat does not have a defining shape and they do not complement the wearer’s figure. It does, however, comes with a collar and lapels for a little bit of structure.

Duffle coat

Like what the name suggests, this type of coat is made from a wool material called duffel. Along the opening, there will usually be buttons and rope fasteners called horn toggles or walrus teeth. Additionally, they come with a hood and pockets.


We all must be familiar with this type of coat of we live in the tropical regions. A raincoat is a waterproof and water-resistant coat that comes either with or without a hood. They are slightly thicker than the regular poncho, making it suitable for a more formal setting.

Trench coat

For many, trench coat might be popularized by the hit television series, Sherlock, in which the coat is the titular character’s go-to outerwear. A trench coat is usually double-breasted and can come with or without a belt around the waist.


A parka coat is quite similar to an anorak coat. The only distinctive difference is that the parka looks slightly thicker than the anorak. It is waterproof and windproof with a fur-lined hood and snap buttons. It’s ideal to be worn to tackle the harshest winter days.


A peacoat is akin to the trench coat as in they are both made from wool and are double-breasted with lapels and oversized collars. The main difference is that a peacoat is significantly shorter than the trench coat and comes without a hood.