One of the most wonderful things that make women proud to be themselves is definitely the privilege to wear dress. While there are endless styles to pursuit when it comes to dresses, one must know how to choose an appropriate attire for a formal occasion. Click here to discover the world of formal dresses in Hong Kong on iprice.


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Formal dresses for the classy ladies

What is the definition of a formal dress, you asked? Well, there are actually quite a few dress codes that are classified as ‘formal’. Sometimes, it can be confusing when it comes to following a specific dressing attire depending on the theme of the event. It can be a simple office or business wear, or a grand ceremony of wedding, marriage to even red carpets and cocktail parity. Fret not, here on iprice, you can find everything that can satisfy all types of formal dress codes.

In short, formal dresses in Hong Kong usually boast extravagant designs with the embellishment of lofty jewellery, detailed sewing patterns or aesthetic layering style. And there are even more variations when it comes to colours and dress forms. Read below for some inspirations.

Decoding the formal dress codes

Black tie

Don’t be so confused when you receive an invitation to a “black tie” event. It just indicates that you need to show up in full formal style, it can be a simple and elegant black A-skirt with a matching blazer or an evening gown for more luxury appearance. Formal black-tie dresses are usually in maxi or midi form and as versatile as possible.


Very straight forward, a formal cocktail dress only means one thing – the Little Black Dress. To add an impeccable sense of style to it, just mix and match with a statement jewellery, you will surely steal the spotlight wherever you go.


If you think that only mini skirts and fluffy dresses are allowed at a funky party, you haven’t been to a semi-formal festive party. There are also formal dresses designed for this particular function. Choose an elegant top, it could be either crop top or a simple shirt paired with a fashion-forward blazer, and play around with a sparkling sequin A-cut skirt. You will look effortlessly classy.

Business formal

Formal dresses for business women may seem to be boring to the fashionistas but with a creative mind, there is no limitation when it comes to dressing up in style. If you are all prepared to win that deal, be sure to also dress up to boost your confidence and power. A monochromatic dress at midi-length paired with a slim trench coat will give you that perfect corporate look!

Up your style game in formal attire with more fashion finds from iprice

When it comes to dressing up formally, one must not overlook the help from accessories too. Formal attire can be plain at times but if you know how to mix and match your dress with a right pair of high heels together with a statement necklace or an elegant jewellery set, you will instantly be an envy of the fashionistas. Get all the latest trending fashion fixes right here on iprice.