Perhaps one of the more interesting fashion trends which combine both sportswear and street styles, the jogger pants are versatile if you know the right way to wear them. Get the best jogger pants in the Philippines and click here to read about 3 simple looks you can pull off with this garment.

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3 simple looks you can pull off with jogger pants

The latest styles of jogger pants can be seen on the runway and made to look quite fashionable. Originally made for fitness lovers, they are made with comfortable materials such as soft cotton or polyester. Jogger pants are very versatile and can be worn for pretty much any occasion. Since they are known as the dressier version of sweatpants, you can pair them with what you already have in your closet.


To look casual with the jogger pants, simply pair it with a T-shirt. Not only are they versatile and comfortable, they can literally be paired with anything. It can look casual no matter which T-shirt you put on such as a round neck, V-neck, scoop neck, etc. For a more monotone look, simply choose a pair of black joggers and a plain T-shirt. You can pair it with trainers as well for the complete clean look.

However, if you want to achieve a more vibrant look, mix and match with different colours and patterns. You do not want to go over the top with this look as it might be too flashy. Thus, for a
well-balanced and sensible way of dressing, it would be advisable to keep your top bright while the jogger pants neutral coloured, or vice versa. Putting together too many colours will just detract the style you are going for.

Smart Casual

For a more put together look, a good substitute to the casual t-shirt look is a neat long sleeved oxford shirt. Make sure you choose a pair of joggers which is slightly fitted and slim fit to ideally achieve the look. The material should be sturdy such as polyester or corduroy. Balance the smart casual look with a nice blazer and a pair of loafers. To slightly dress down the look, you can pair it with a Converse shoe or Nike sneakers. You can either pull off this look either at work or on a first date.

On the other hand, a polo shirt will also work well as a smart casual look. However, do ensure that the outfit is not too casual by choosing neutral colours. It also should be well-fitted, buttoned up to the neck, and ironed.


Denim jacket

Perhaps one of the more versatile and comfortable garment, the denim jacket is suitable to be worn for a more casual look. For a grungier vibe, you may try distressing your jacket. It is slightly tougher to achieve a smarter look but as long as you pick denim jacket which is more tailored and slim fit, it might work.

Although jogger pants are a more popular wear for men, there are plenty of designs for women as well. Do check it out only on iPrice!