Professionalism is first perceived from the way you dress. In business world, it is extremely important to leave a good first impression and it starts from your choice of formal attire. The first garment that you need to pay attention to is slacks.

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Slacks for Men

No matter what occasion it is, a man must always be equipped with the perfect pair of pants. For formal events or at workplace, slacks are always the best choice! Before getting to choose a pair that fits your style, let’s get to understand what really are slacks.

Slacks are basically tight fitting trousers that are worn mostly worn by men. They are especially made apparels to seamlessly enhance the wearer’s lengthy legs with waistband, belt-loops and a fly-front. If you are confident about your body, slacks are probably the number one fashion piece for your daily office outfit.

How to take body measurements for slacks?

As slacks are designed to be fitting, it is best to measure your body carefully before choosing the size, especially when buying it online.

To get an accurate measurement, you can follow these steps using a cloth tape and in front of a mirror:

  1. Measure the waist by placing the tape to fit the circumference of your waist line like putting on a belt. Breathe normally to make sure your waist line is measure correctly.
  2. Measure the hips starting from one side, then circle the tape around the rear to the other side. The measurement should be taken at the widest range of your buttocks.
  3. Measure the inseam, which is the length from the top of your inner thigh to your ankle. Or you can measure your current jeans to get the current inseam measurement easier.
  4. Measure the thigh just by picking the widest part of your thigh and wrap the tape around from back to front.

Afterwards, just compare your results with the size chart below:

Walk in style with your favourite pair of slacks

One should not underestimate the aesthetic side of a man’s slacks when it comes to styling up for a confident formal look. Especially in the world where business meetings happen more often than dates, having a pleasant appearance can also win you a good career (well, more or less). However, slacks don’t always work for all types of body so you have to be conscious about your personal preferences.

There are generally 2 categories of slacks that you can consider: plain and patterned designs. To pair with a simple shirt without looking too ordinary, you can fire up the slacks game with print styles and a matching colour shirt. Plain slacks are usually best looking when paired with white shirt. Either way, you can hardly go wrong with this classic and manly outfit no matter where you go.

On a side note, do prioritize comfort over look as you need to make sure your legs have enough room for movement. You wouldn’t want the world to behold your precious underpants!