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MONCLER Alcyone Hooded Technic Parka HK$ 13,492.14 LUISAVIAROMA
Superdry Squadron Parka HK$ 1,168.90 Zalora
Superdry Squadron Parka HK$ 1,343.90 Zalora
Salomon Army Wool Gabardine Parka W/ Fur Lining HK$ 20,599.39 LUISAVIAROMA
Superdry Nadare Microfibre Parka HK$ 982.90 Zalora
Superdry Nadare Microfibre Parka HK$ 980.90 Zalora
Patagonia Logo Duffle Coat HK$ 1,410.00 Farfetch
Mango Hooded Waterproof Quilted Parka HK$ 1,299.00 Zalora
Timberland Waterproof Short Parka HK$ 1,341.90 Zalora
Superdry Nadare Microfibre Parka HK$ 980.90 Zalora
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MONCLER Alcyone Hooded Technic Parka

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Parkas - Perfect Blend Of Practicality & Personality

Originally associated with the clothes worn by the Inuit tribe from Eastern Canada, the parkas are now to be seen as stylish outerwear instead of merely a practical clothing that you need to wear when going to cold places. While the credit obviously went to the Inuit people who had been surviving through harsh winter, the modern parka takes its cue from the humble military design, the USAF N-3B Parka. Designed exclusively for keeping its pilots warm in excessively cold areas, these military issue parkas were then copied and being sold in the civilian market. Not only that, the parkas were also widely available as there was a lot of extra military issue surpluses that could be found in stores and thrift shops. As it is just nothing more than just a hooded jacket with fur attached, you will be surprised to view how parkas can be functional and fun at the same time!

Why You Should Wear Parkas

At the first glance, the parkas can be seen as necessary outerwear to be worn during winter. However, the prevailing trends have already shown that the popularity of parkas simply means that parkas have been generally accepted as a cool clothing style in the fashion world. No, you do not have to go to cold areas to wear parkas because you can actually wear them with anything. Sounds good to be true? In fact, you can actually see the parkas are being increasingly featured in many blogs, Instagram posts, lookbooks, YouTube videos, magazines and others. Not only that, even celebrities are not exempted from wearing them fashionably in the public scene. Even Daniel Craig himself actually enjoys wearing one. Now, you can imagine him wearing one when he was walking away from the exploding villain's lair without looking back. Similarly, you can enjoy wearing parka to be the true badass without trying too hard or looking back.

One reason behind the popularity of parkas is that it is able to showcase any style that you want, be it smart or casual style. It is amazing and surprising to see the "plain-looking" parkas can be easily paired with absolutely anything that you can find and wear. Thanks to its simple yet stylish designs, you can trust the unassuming parkas to win the world for you. In short, the humble parkas can help you to pull it off. Being versatile is one of the great features about wearing a parka as you are suddenly facing tons of options that transform you into an aspiring style-shifter who is bold and courageous in experimenting with varieties of styles. Whether you are pairing your parka with the suit or T-shirt, the art of wearing a parka is fairly simple as it just adds another layer of flexibility in being more stylish without trying too hard to impress. This also means you get to customize your outfit with parka in your own personalized theme and taste in reflecting your personality.

Great Parka Brand Choices That You Should Check

Alpha Industries: With such streamlined sophistication that is usually found in its parkas, Alpha Industries designs its parkas to be unique in their own ways. The vintage force is strong with this one.
Native Youth: Like its namesake, the Native Youth is all about being original and energetic. As such, its own signature parks bear the timeless and inspiring designs that denote versatility.
Parka London: If you think that wearing a parka will not exude such confidence and grace, Parka London will prove you wrong as its wonderfully crafted parkas still retain the much needed classical themes while embracing the glory of modernity at the same time. As such, its parkas will certainly redefine the meaning of dynamism itself when they still look awesome to be worn in every season.
Schott: A proud American brand that boasts a lot of great designs, Schott still retains that same burning pride since 1913. When you think a parka is unable to express its emotion, the authentic Schott parkas are truly raw and honest in their own rights that they do not believe in following or copying other designs.

Packing Serious Heat With Your Parkas

There are many great variations and styles that you can wear with parkas. Aside from keeping you cozy, the parkas are wonderful because they can channel your own personalities seamlessly. Not only that, you can never go wrong when you are wearing a parka. When you are wearing a parka, you can always pair it with the latest collection of shoes.