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Long Sleeves Tops: Flaunting a Formal Style Fashion

When it comes to formal occasions, long sleeves never fail to deliver. Apparently, this type of clothing can be considered as an essential not just for the office workers or businessmen, but also for the casual day to day person. Long sleeves' popularity has been around for a long time now, and it's already a standard for business casual outfits.

Why Long Sleeves?

  • For all its worth, long sleeves are simply made to add sophistication into your outfit.
  • It may not be a direct alternative for coat and tie for men, but it's actually a cheaper alternative to pull off a corporate look.
  • It can easily be paired with jeans without looking rugged.
  • Some of these shirts carry extra pockets.

Types of Long Sleeves

Even though there is no universal way of categorizing or classifying long sleeves into different types, this type of clothing though comes in different purpose and style.

The Blouse

This is the type that's only available for women. It's simply elegant and feminine, making it the easiest choice for formal occasion or simply for a business looking outfit to wear in your office. Also, blouses are among the lightest clothes for women, most fabric are thin enough to give the ladies a cool and comfortable feel. This is the type of long sleeves that women could wear to flaunt a corporate look without being too much layer of clothing.

Shirts With Collar

Some of these long sleeves with collar resembles flannel shirts. This type of long sleeves leans more towards casual looking than formal. However this is one of the best types of long sleeves to wear for a more comfortable smart casual look. This is best worn during rainy seasons.


The T-shirt can be worn in a vast number of occasions and circumstances. This t-shirt type of long sleeves can keep its wearer warm during rainy seasons just like shirts with collar. The t-shirt type of long sleeves is almost the same as sweat shirt, the only difference is the textile used - t-shirt type long sleeves use thinner fabric while sweaters are thick and can provide warmth on a winter season.


There are two types of the turtle necks, the thicker type and the thin type. The thick type is worn as an outer garment, as it provides more warmth, while the thin type is worn inside another top . The turtle neck features an extended neckline that provides a covering to the lower part of the neck, keeping it warm on a very cold weather.

Fit of the Shirt

When choosing a long sleeves shirt it is important to make sure that the fit is a match to your size and shape. Depending on the type of long sleeves that you will wear, their fit should be appropriate not just to your shape but also to the form of the long sleeves itself. Below are the standard types of fit that long sleeves are made to.

Closed Fit
This kind of fit will emphasize the contour of the body. This type hugs the body tight.
A comfortable fit. The type of fit that's best for men, mostly comfort over style.
Loose Fit
This type of fit is mostly applicable to women's shirts, mainly because many long sleeves for women are made to be an all in one dress.