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Perhaps one of the most popular type of garment for women, skirts are effeminate garments which date back to as far as 3900BC. However, skirts are not only worn by women, men from Scotland are famous for wearing their traditional kilts, as well as Albanian, and Indian men with their sarong. In fashion, skirts today are mostly worn by women of all ages, race, and religious backgrounds.

Skirts 101: What is a skirt?

A skirt is a type of garment which are tube or cone shape where it hangs from the waist or hips. A skirt may vary in many ways such as the length, color, design, and fabric used. It is a cute, feminine, and sexy garment which women love to wear on a daily basis, whether for office, for school, or for liesure.

A skirt is a comfortable and versatile garment. You can pair a skirt with any top or tee you wish to wear. You can also pair it with any shoe you wish, from heels to flats, you can definitely rock that fabulous skirt! On top of that, you can wear it during hot summer or cold, rainy days in any ocassion you wish! Skirts are an amazing garment every girl must have.

Many types of skirts

There are more than 50 variants of skirts available today, not including traditional garments. The basic ones include a pencil skirt, maxi, midi, mini, and plaid skirts which are must-haves for many fashionable women today.

Pencil skirt

Commonly seen in the office or a casual meeting, pencil skirts are body-hugging clothing which accentuate the shape of the wearer’s hips and buttocks. It’s cut is also designed that way to emphasize a woman’s proportions, and to shape the waist and hips. A pencil skirt can either be short or medium in length and its modern variations often include a high-waist design.

Maxi skirt

Loved by women around the globe for its maximum coverage and amazing variations, maxi skirts are characterized for its long length from the knee down, providing excellent and fabulous coverage. It is popularized by the hippe and boho chic trend which is sweeping the nation by storm because of its effortless look.

Midi skirt

A playful yet conservative type of skirt, midi skirt is a garment shorter than a maxi skirt yet longer than a mini skirt. It provides enough coverage yet still very seductive. There are tons and tons of variations of midi skirts from skater skirts, pleated or even as a pencil skirt.

Mini skirt

Embrace your sultry side with a trendy miniskirt with various designs, styles, and fabrics. Perhaps one of the shortest skirts today, mini skirt provides less coverage yet is a gorgeous and exciting garment. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, then a mini skirt would definitely fit your needs.

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