As a form of protection from holding the clubs and swinging, golf gloves are an essential part of a golfer's wardrobe. There are a great number of golf gloves you can use, each unique in style, color, material, and design. Take a quick look at the best golf gloves in Hong Kong or read more about golf gloves below.


Boost your Performance with Golf Gloves in Hong Kong

Golf is a club and ball sport where players use several clubs to hit small balls with as few strokes as possible. Compared to baseball or even basketball, golf requires no specific or standardized area to play, making it a great outdoor sport. The game first originated in 15th century Scotland but many are skeptical about its true origins. As a golf player, you would need several equipment and golf attire to play golf. Aside from your vast array of clubs, you would need the appropriate sportswear such as bags, shoes, and gloves.

What are golf gloves?

Golf gloves are an article of clothing made from durable fabric or oftentimes leather or hide to protect the player's hands from the rigid golf clubs. Golf gloves are a staple part of every golfer's attire which is most commonly worn on their less dominant hand. Although there are players who wear them on both. While golf has been around for centuries, it wasn't until in the 1800s when golfers decide to wear gloves. Initially, they are made for amateur golfers and as a way to protect your hands from rigid golf clubs grips during the era. Today, golf gloves are part of a golfer's look.

Importance of Wearing Gloves in Golf

Golf gloves are a staple in golf. Worn by many professionals, golf gloves play a significant role in a golfer's attire. For one thing, it protects the player's hands from blistering. In addition, many golfers use golf gloves to prevent their hands from chafing. Moreover, it assists the player by providing added grip and friction in order to keep the golf club from flying out of your hand while swinging. Golf gloves are an important element of a golfer's attire.

How to Choose a Golf Glove

Choose the right material

When choosing a golf glove, the first thing that you need to know is what type of material you need. Leather is the most popular one because of it is comfortable but it can be a little bit too expensive. Synthetic golf gloves are often durable and can be used in any weather conditions, and provides better grip.

Make sure that it fits… like a glove

The next thing that you need to keep in mind when looking for a golf glove is the size. Like in shoes, there are many hand sizes available for men and women. Make sure that all areas of your hands fit the glove enough that it is comfortable yet tight. There shouldn't be excess fabric on your fingers as well as the back and the front of your hand.

Find a glove that meets your needs

Each golfer has its own set of requirements. For example, there are golf gloves that have detachable discs to mark your golf ball. Other golf glove designs expose your fingers to give the player the "feel" of the shot.

Shop for the Best Golf Gloves in Hong Kong

Throughout the years, golf gloves have drastically changed to suit players. There are all sorts of golf gloves available from different brands such as FootJoy, Nike, Bridgestone, Puma, and so much more! Shop at iPrice now and discover great items!