Sport shirts are made for people who have the active lifestyle on the go. A sport shirt or jersey is made with great high quality materials that are designed to wick moisture from our body so that we can be cooled easier. There are several different types of sport shirts that are made fro different sports - even for casual wear. Read more about sport shirts in Hong Kong here.


Sport Shirts for the active lifestyle of Hong Kongers

What are sport shirts?

Sport shirts in Hong Kong are basically attire that have been specifically designed and tailored for the primary purpose of sporting - although you will find many people wearing it casually in the recent years. Sport shirts come in many different forms and types, such as a short sleeved, long sleeved, or even sleeveless. Sport shirts are usually brightly colored as well, symbolizing the active lifestyle with strong neon colors. These attire are usually worn for the practical purposes, providing comfort and also for safety reasons. Sport shirts are also casually known as jerseys to many people.

Design of sport shirts

Different sports require different sport shirt designs, as not all sports have the same requirements and action. Although they have different designs and requirement, the general consensus of design for sport shirts is that it has to be lightweight and hassle-free. A sport shirt that creates too much drag is very inefficient as it can slow down the sportsmen, most especially with those that are focused on speed such as runners and cyclists.

Although sport shirts must not create drag, bulky sport shirts do have a place with sports that have a lot of physical contact, such as American football. This type of sports require a lot of protection and coverings to reduce body injuries.

There are also a wide range of materials that are used to produce sport shirts, from cotton to the many forms of polyester. The fabric chosen for each sport shirt design is decided by its factors and features and the sport. Attributes such as being able to keep the wearer cool, quick drying, fade resistance, and also durability are all kept in consideration when choosing materials.

Cycling jerseys

Cycling jerseys are sport shirts that are made for cycling. A cycling jersey has a special cutting on the back that is designed to fit the bent-over posture that most professional cyclists take when cycling. The jersey, as mentioned, is also very tight fitting so that it will have very minimal drag; and is also made with materials that wick moisture so that cyclists can stay comfortable and cool. These cycling jerseys also have pockets that are positioned on the small of the back to carry personal belongings.

Football jerseys

Football jerseys are uniformly made to represent a complete football team. A football jersey's design usually prominently features the team logo or country logo on the shoulder, chest, or back. The specific footballer's name is also printed on the back of the jersey with his player number. Unlike cycling jerseys, football jerseys are usually more loose fitting for comfort, and is made with materials which enables players to stay cool. Fans of footballers also buy their jerseys to show their respect for them.

Many people wear sport shirts or jerseys on a daily basis these days. Reason being is that the materials used can also help to cool an everyday person just as effectively – most especially in the hot weather of today.