Genuine football jerseys in Hong Kong can be pricey. Which is why you will want to take the best possible care of your jerseys. Find out more about how to take care of them here!


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Taking Care of Your Football Jersey in Hong Kong

Well-loved by football fans around the world, it has become increasingly common to see someone walking on the street in a football jersey of their favourite team. Depending on material and brand, football jerseys can range from affordable to expensive. However, if you’re supporting the major teams, do expect that a genuine jersey can be quite pricy.

Most of the time, you can get your jerseys customized. You can opt to have your own name and number printed on your jersey or you can even choose to have one dedicated to your favourite football player. Incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and in the main colours of your football team, it becomes important to know how to prevent from buying a fake jersey and knowing how to maintain and clean them so that they can last longer.

If You Have Them Printed

If you buy your jerseys from the brand sponsor itself, most of the time you’ll be able to customize your jerseys to include a name and a number. While this tip doesn’t necessarily apply to you online shoppers, you will have to take note if you’ve the privilege of getting your jerseys from the club shops of big clubs. Avoid folding your printed jerseys immediately after the printing process. This is to prevent any creases from forming so it is important to ensure that your jerseys have cooled down sufficiently before storing them.

Do Not Get Your Jerseys Too Soiled

Football jerseys are made from incredibly lightweight material. This is to ensure that you can get sufficient ventilation while you’re wearing them and also translates to the fact that they can get damaged easily or even discoloured. One of the ways to allow them to last longer is to not get them too dirty. If you are going to play football on the field and would like to wear your Barcelona jersey to channel Messi’s vibe, don’t. Chances are, they will get extremely soiled and will prove to be difficult to clean. Furthermore, avoid smoking when you have your jerseys on. A tiny fleck of cinder can make a hole in your jersey and that is something you would want to avoid.

Washing Your Jerseys

Even if you don’t play sports in your football jersey, you will still need to wash them every time you wear it out. Which makes the process of washing your jersey important because you are aiming to maintain the long life of your shirt. To start, always hand wash your shirts in cold water but if you don’t have the time and would want to use a machine, you can put them into a washing netting and set the machine’s setting to “delicate”.

Avoid using powdered detergent and do not use a fabric softener. This is because fabric softeners tend to make your jerseys wrinkled permanently. Moreover, you should never dry your jerseys in a dryer – take them out immediately to air dry before folding and keeping them. Follow the steps above and you should never feel the need to iron them. If you must, always use a cold iron.

Matching Jerseys in Hong Kong

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