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Top Sport Underwear Price List 2020

Sports underwear in Hong Kong

Sports is something that all of us engage in. The capacity to play sports indicates a high level of enthusiasm, dedication and discipline in our life. With that said, there is one integral part of sports attire that we must have – sports underwear. Unlike normal underwear, sports underwear keeps up with the fast paced, high intensity training that every athlete is put through. Perfected through time with science and athlete’s experience and feedback, sports underwear is a must have underneath all our sports gear. In Hong Kong, the best of sports underwear can be found online. Check out iprice’s range of hand-picked sports underwear in Hong Kong above or find out more with the links below.

Sports bras

Now you’re entering the ladies’ zone. Ladies, want to get fit? Well, you’ll need a sports bra to support your boobies. Have you ever run without a bra? If you have, you would have experienced the sheer exhilaration of your breasts bouncing up and down. You know that support is something that only sports bras can give. Sports bras provide the ultimate cushioning and padding to hold your breasts in place when you’re doing sports. Some tips on how to choose a sports bra:

  1. Choose a size that fits
  2. Pick a sports bra with quality material. Dry-fit material always works best.
  3. Sports bras can also be worn on the outside so choosing a colour would be equally as important.

If you want a popular model, you can choose between the Strappy Sport Bra, Sport Bra and Medium Sports Bra Women (Butterflies). Also look for famous brands such as La Isla, Elenxs and Naya Nina in this category.

Sports tights

When exercising, you want the flexibility and durability of material of clothing to be tough. Stretchable fabrics in pants material are always the best option for our lower body. Thanks to sports tights, we can have the kick-ass quality we need in a sports pants. Mostly made of spandex (superhero suit material), sports tights enable your thigh muscles to flex and contract without restriction. Also in this category are the yoga pants. Yoga pants need no introduction. If you want your bottom half to be instantly sexy, throw on a pair of yoga pants.

Sports socks

Sports socks complete your sporting attire. Keeping your feet padded and moisture-free, sports socks are your feet’s best friends. Choosing a pair of sports socks is easy. Simply choose a sock length high enough for the sport or exercise that you’ll be engaging in. Also remember to pick a colour that goes along with your personality. You could get variants of sports socks like ankle socks, shin-length socks, toe socks and non-slip socks.

So what are you waiting for? now that you know the types of sport underwear available, it’s time for you to get some for your high-intensity sports and exercise. Never hit the courts or visit the gym without your sports underwear. get all your sports underwear in Hong Kong here on iprice. Happy shopping!