Combine simplicity, minimalistic elegance, with functionality with Cluse watches. Cluse Hong Kong aims to bring the best out of everyone’s outfit with a touch of sophistication. Find out more about this brand by clicking here.

CLUSE Watches

Stylish Ways to Wear your Watches from Cluse Hong Kong

Cluse is a French watchmaking company that offers simple timepieces. Their timepieces only have the goal of telling the time without any extra frills. In addition to that, Cluse watches are extremely affordable compared to other simple watches in the market today. It’s safe to say that Cluse watches are the favorites od fashion lovers and minimalist enthusiasts.

Cluse is especially popular among Generation Y, or widely known as millennials. Millennials nowadays are able to post pictures of anything for their social media feeds. The great thing about Cluse watches is that they appeal to those who seek an aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic lifestyle. Millennials online users would often heavily edit and modify their feed to fit a certain aesthetic and Cluse watches can sometimes be found in many of those posts.

Cluse Hong Kong best-selling watches

Before discussing the best ways to style your Cluse watch, familiarize yourself with some of Cluse’s best-sellers. All Cluse watches uses the Quartz gear mechanism. Quartz watches are affordable and easy to service maintain. A Quartz watch uses the electricity from a battery to start up the gears. A small quartz crystal then converts the electricity into vibrations and pulses that turns the gears and rotate the hands.

Most Cluse watches’ backgrounds can be customized with marbles, stainless steel, and the newly release Dalmatian stone. The straps of all watches can also be interchangeable with choices of stainless steel and leather straps. Cluse offers gift sets as well, that includes a specialty watch and an extra watch strap. The four watch collections below are Cluse’s best-selling and most popular watches.

La Bohème

The La Bohème’s specialty is their ultrathin casing. With only 38 mm in diameter, it’s lightweight and goes with any clothing style. The watch strap is also easily interchangeable. La Bohème comes in a normal and mesh strap styles with the combination of colors of rose gold, eggshell white, grey, silver, gold, and black.


This Cluse watch is a tribute to starry nights and elegant evening looks. They are feather light with a casing of only 33 mm in diameter. Like the La Bohème, Minuit watches also comes in the combination of rose gold white or black background, and black rose gold, grey, nude, and silver mesh or leather straps.

La Roche

The La Roche is claimed to be a tribute to one’s uniqueness and it features a trend millennials are going crazy for. The white marble dial is extremely desired by young customers and it gives the watch an extra flare. The stainless steel rose gold casing for La Roche is about 38 mm in diameter. The downside is it only comes in 4 variants: rose gold or gold casing, white or black marble, and grey, black, or nude leather strap. Nevertheless, the marbled watch background is perfect for anyone’s Instagram feeds.

La Vedette

The La Vedette collection is a series of limited edition velvet watches made as a part of Cluse’s Velvet Capsule Collection. The velvet watch straps are luxurious and exudes minimalist extravagance. La Vedette watches are only 24 mm wide and it has a gold, silver, and red velvet details with either yellow gold, rose gold, or silver dials.

Tips and tricks of donning a Cluse watch

Although Cluse watches aspire to be simple, simplicity can often turn dull. Clothing items and accessories in neutral colors can be boring if paired or worn in the wrong way. On the other hand, wearing and styling a watch should be simple and straightforward, the two traits that Cluse strives to possess. To elevate your Cluse watch and whole ensemble, follow the 12 tips and tricks below.

  1. Pick a Cluse watch that can complement other accessories.
  2. Coordinate your outfit and watches by colors, styles, or occasion.
  3. Pay attention to the occasion and wear a watch accordingly.
  4. Wear bracelets on the same wrist as your Cluse watch.
  5. A printed or floral dress goes great with a leather watch.
  6. Men, only wear a dress watch to formal occasions.
  7. Wear your watch on either wrist, it doesn’t have to be worn on the non-dominant hand.
  8. Opt for items with the same materials; i.e. metal with metal, leather with leather, and so on.
  9. Oversized watches should stay in the past. Pick a Cluse watch that’s readable but not too big for your wrist.
  10. Match your rose gold electronics with Cluse rose gold watches.
  11. Skip eye-catching details like diamonds for any types of watches, especially if you’re aiming for simplicity.
  12. Switch up your watch if you own more than one. Don’t wear the same ones every day because it can decrease its longevity.

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