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CNP Laboratory Anti-Blemish Calming Cream 50ml
HK$ 371.00 HK$ 464.00

Brand from South Korea: CNP Laboratory. A hydrating soothing cream infused with madecassoside to improve sensitive skin and reduce redness and inflammation for improved complexion. Anti-Blemish Calming Cream contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to control excess sebum while replenishing moisture and treating pigmentation resulting in clearer and healthier skin. A mineral oil-free moisture cream that regulates oil and moisture balance while protecting the skin from external stress factors that cause irritable, sensitive skin. With a soothing light texture, anti-blemish calming cream reduces excess oil-shine and lightens post-acne blemishes. Post-Acne Care: Post-Acne wounds are soothed and calmed for speedy recovery. Skin Revitalisation & Renewal: CNP Anti-Blemish Complex treats and prevents acne problems, while CNP Anti-Irritant Complex reduces redness and relieves skin irritation for a more even skin tone. Intensive, Long-Lasting Hydration: Deep penetration of Vitamin B3 and Hyaluronic Acids into the skin's derma layers for improved skin moisture levels. Relieves Skin Sensitivity: Madecassoside and Vitamin E stablises weakened skin barriers and repairs damaged skin structure. How to use: At the final step of skincare regime, apply moderate amount to face and gently massage in a circular motion from the outer to inner areas of the face, avoiding the eye membranous areas. Follow-up with sunscreen.

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