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There is a lot of speculations regarding the next successor to Alcatel IDOL flagship lineup. While people expect that the Alcatel IDOL 5S will be released along with its other variants, other credible rumor shows that Alcatel may release the Alcatel IDOL 5S in its normal 5.2-inch size which is said to be available globally. This is because Alcatel usually follows different naming for a specific region. As an example, the last year's Alcatel IDOL 4 is also the same Alcatel IDOL 4S in the United States.  

Despite the naming confusion for the highly anticipated Alcatel IDOL 5S, there is a newly leaked live image that shows the supposed Alcatel IDOL 5S with Alcatel IDOL 4 next to it. At first glance, it appears that this latest Alcatel smartphone receives a new redesign, especially on its upper and lower speakers. Its Boom key on the right side has been relocated at a lower position. Observers are hopeful that the amazing dual-direction speakers on the Alcatel IDOL 4 should make a comeback on the Alcatel IDOL 5S.  

On the rear of Alcatel IDOL 5S, people usually expect that it should bear a stronger resemblance to Alcatel IDOL 4. However, some observers and reviewers believe that the rear should receive a facelift. Going back to the newly leaked image, it is still unclear whether the supposed new Alcatel model is Alcatel IDOL 5S or Alcatel IDOL 5S Plus.