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Gone are the days when charging a mobile device was done by using bulky chargers and keeping it plugged overnight. With the advent of power banks such as Asus ZenPower, charging anytime, anywhere became possible. Read more about Asus Zen Power here.

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ASUS ZenPower Specs

ASUS ZenPower Specs

Release Date in Hong Kong
DateDec 2015
Battery technologyLithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Battery capacity10050 mAh
Charging sourceUSB
Quick charge
Battery voltage3.6 V
Basic device charge time6 h
Input voltage5
Input current2
Output voltage5.1 V
Output current2.4 A
Power protection featuresOver current, Over voltage, Overcharge, Overdischarge, Overheating, Short circuit
Number of simultaneously connected devices (max)1
Colour of productGold
Housing materialAluminium
Charger compatibilityUniversal

Asus ZenPower Hong Kong: Power and Safety in One

In today’s digital age, the more powerful a smartphone becomes the more it becomes demanding for more battery to keep itself going. One of the biggest downside of most smartphones today despite the technological innovation is their battery. Basically, there’s not a single smartphone that’s capable of running for more than a day with heavy usage. Most smartphone batteries are very limited to less than 8 hours worth of battery with heavy usage and barely 2 days worth of standby. Since it’s impossible for smartphones to expand their battery life without increasing the physical size of their phones, phone manufacturers created a solution to this unresolved issue - power banks.

Asus Hong Kong – one of the leading enterprises in the world of consumer electronics – created an impressive line of power banks which they call Asus ZenPower. Asus ZenPower is designed for people who are highly dependent their devices, so they can be on the move while staying productive.

High-Speed Charging

With a high-efficiency, ultra-fast charging output of 2.4A, Asus ZenPower can quickly put back your devices to life. No need to get wired up to your power bank for hours and hours before you could finally detach and use your phone untangled.

Sleek Outer Casing, Premium Build

Asus ZenPower is encased in a compact anodized aluminum, which not only gives it a sleek and premium finish but also gives it the strength to withstand daily wear and tear. Its portability is something to check out for since it has a 90.5X59X22 mm dimension which is only as small as a credit card and only weighs 215g. Its compact size is definitely made for people who wants to be always on the go

Safety as a Topmost Priority

Safety should always be the topmost priority in everything that you do and Asus Hong Kong acknowledges this fact, so they decided to make it their top priority with the ZenPower. They developed the intelligent PowerSafe Technology and integrated it to their Zen Power line up. It protects the user against short circuits by monitoring and guarding the device against extreme temperature to always keep it at its ideal operating condition. Also, it smartly adjusts according to the electrical outlet’s voltage to augment battery life up to 1.8 times compared to other brands.

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