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Ipv D2 Price in Hong Kong

The latest addition to the Pioneer4You family is the IPV D2 vape mod. The IPV D2 has a smaller form factor, an affordable price, a 75w output, and a chipset that supports both Titanium and nickel coils. The IPV D2 performs well enough to be your go-to all-day vape mod. Read more about the IPV D2 Hong Kong below.

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IPV D2 Hong Kong – The Up-and-Coming Vape Mod

Pioneer4You has made a name for themselves with their products in the past, making them one of the more popular brands amongst everybody when it comes to vape mods. Now it has introduced the IPV D2 to vapers with hopes that they will continue to gain traction in the growing vape market in the country. Its versatile design and impressive features make it a reliable vape mod.

IPV D2 Hong Kong – Good Things Come in Small Packages

Constructed of billet aluminum, the IPV D2 is quite sturdy and can withstand bumps and knocks without any signs of damage. Moreover, the IPV D2 comes with a silicon sleeve for you to protect the paint finish on the device against any nicks or scratches. Another plus point in terms of design is that the IPV D2 has a smaller built compared to many other models in the market; possibly one of the smallest available today. The petite build is a two-thumbs up because it means that the device is less bulky and more portable to be brought around. It can easily fit into the palm of your hand, your pocket or your bag compartments.

IPV D2 Hong Kong – Featuring Optimum Temperature Control

The IPV D2 also comes with temperature control function. The device takes a real-time reading of the coil’s resistance, notifying users of the fluctuating resistance levels of the nickel and titanium coils in joule. Now, with the new SX130H chipset included into the device, both nickel and titanium coils are supported in temperature control. The resistance is supported right down to 0.05ohm, meaning that you do not require as many wraps as compared to when used with other models. Having fewer wraps mean that the coils can be ramped up much quicker.

IPV D2 Hong Kong – Impressive Battery Life

The IPV D2 comes with an 18650 removable battery that provides reliable and consistent battery life. On moderate usage, the battery can last up to a day before needing to be swapped. However, if used heavily, it can still provide half-day usage, which is much better compared to many other vape mods. The battery can be easily removed and swapped thanks to the magnetic ball bearing battery door cover.

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