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Logitech G600 Specs

Release Date in Hong Kong
DateMay 2013
Power sourceCable
Form factorRight-hand
Product colourBlack, White
Ergonomic designYes
Surface colorationMonotone
Device interfaceUSB Type-A
Movement detection technologyLaser
Scroll typeWheel
Buttons quantity20
Movement resolution8200 DPI
Recommended usagePC
Programmable mouse buttonsYes
Number of scroll wheels1
Scrolling directionsVertical/Horizontal

Reviews of Logitech G600

Reviewed on 2016-04-29
Easy to customize the lights, side buttons as well as the other buttons for efficient usage, Has a good shape that supports a firm claw grip and reduces click fatigue
Side buttons are really hard to choose the precise one needed during any gameplay
The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is designed specifically for massive multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic and others. At least, those were the games I tried the mouse with and I have had no problem with it whatsoe...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-03
Build Quality (Overall), Ergonomic Design, Lightning Fast/Accurate Laser Sensor (8200DPI), 12 Thumb Buttons, 20 Buttons, GShift Button Allows You To Map Each Button Twice, 3 Onboard Profiles, Thumb Button Backlight (16 Million Colors), Braided Cable, Gami...
Powder Coating Gets Scratched Easily, Bulky Size Needs Getting Used to, Plain USB Connector
The mouse is perhaps the only PC peripheral that has changed a virtually countless number of times since its introduction almost 50 years ago. Sure the basic concept has remained the same even after 50 years but the technology and design have not and alth...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-03
Insane customization potentia, Thumb buttons reduce dependence on keyboar, Comfortabl, weighty design
Middle rows of thumb buttons feel indistinc, Does not support claw or fingertip play style, Not very useful for most non-MMO games
At high levels of play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games can be demanding titles, requiring pinpoint precision with a multitude of buttons. While MMO players may wonder why a keyboard wouldn't suffice, the $79.99 Logitech G600 MMO Mouse can replac...
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Reviewed on 2013-07-11
Avid MMO players know how often the entire screen can fill up with spells and abilities, which leads to excessive key modifiers that can make playing the game difficult. That's a problem that Logitech's G600 MMO mouse hopes to rectify. The G600 features 1...
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Reviewed on 2013-05-29
Next to a good keyboard , a mouse is one of the most important tools in a PC gamer's toolbox. For some genres, a mouse is even more important than a keyboard. After all, it allows the player to interact with the game in the most direct way.In Massively Mu...
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Reviewed on 2013-03-21
Games that utilize a large roster of activatable skills, such as MMORPGs and MOBAs, are extremely popular and require serious time investments. Beyond providing comfort throughout gaming sessions, peripherals that lend themselves to quicker, more efficie...
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Reviewed on 2013-03-17
There was a recent burst in demand from our community that's you guysto cover more gaming peripherals—keyboards, mice, headsets, the works—and start reviewing the options out there. Following-up with our video production rig, which endeavored to detail so...
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Reviewed on 2013-02-14
Some of you readers may be balking at the idea of a button-loaded MMO mouse. After all, it doesn’t seem to make sense to have more buttons than fingers you can count. Yet, Logitech has answered to a niche group of gamers and has now unleashed the G6...
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Reviewed on 2013-02-04
and Specifications After my recent roundup of gaming mice Logitech send me a higher end product up their G series line. The G600 landed on my doorstep with a bang, introducing an unique button layout and crystal clear white color. The white G600 ...
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Reviewed on 2012-12-04
Comfortable design, Highly customizable, Firm, springy buttons, Swift and precise navigation
Can't reach all the buttons comfortably,
Sure, you've heard of a 20-sided die, but what about a 20-button mouse? Logitech's G600 MMO Gaming Mouse features a score of buttons that can be can programmed to work with popular games such as "Guild Wars 2" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic." In add...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-27
Large array of convenient buttons, Driver software makes it easy to customize the mouse for individual games
Several buttons are difficult to reach, Grip is less ergonomic than other, similarly-priced mice
The Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse is one of the finest gaming mice on the market. If you're looking for a mouse with more programmable buttons than you've got fingers, the G600 is well worth the $80 price tag; it even gives accessories from specialized g...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-14
When I made my first awkward steps into the world of MMOs, my mouse had a ball in it. Every now and then, I'd need to twist the bottom a little bit, take out the ball, and clean out all the grime and dust that had somehow been picked up. It had two button...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-08
Logitech's new G600 MMO gaming mouse features a black plastic body with a wired, braided cable that connects to a USB port. Unlike other gaming mouse, the Logitech G600 doesn't go with a lot of flashy lighting schemes save for the customizable lighting on...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-09
The Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard: Logitech's First, Best EffortI've used Logitech gaming keyboards with varying degrees of success; one of the primary reasons I liked Corsair's K90 keyboard so much was the way it abstracted the gaming hotkeys away f...
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Reviewed on 2012-09-06
Logitech's pedigree mice are in no need for any kind of introduction. They're one of the most widely used and highly regarded in the tech world. The notorious G-series of gaming-grade mice has recently seen a new member added to the lineup. The G600, L...
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Reviewed on 2012-09-04
It's been a long time since we last reviewed a Logitech peripheral, but this doesn't mean the company has been resting on its laurels. In what appears to be a bit of a craze at the moment, we have under review another MMO-based mouse. Sporting a monst...
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Reviewed on 2012-08-31
Easily accessible programmable thumb keys. Different modes can be selected on the fly. Braided cord.
Weight can't be adjusted. No dedicated DPI-switching button. Plastic body lacks a grip
Pardon the obvious pun, but MMO mice are a different breed of mice altogether. Unlike gaming mice designed with, say, first person shooters in mind, they are typically equipped with many more buttons so gamers can execute a swath of commands in various se...
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Reviewed on 2012-08-20
More commands than a drill sergeant, Remembers three entire profiles when unplugged, 8,200 DPI sensitivity
Inherent clunkiness impacts "general" mousing, Price. $80 for a mouse? Seriously?, Lefties banished from the clubhouse
Remember when a scroll wheel was a big deal? Or when optical sensors replaced scuzzy old mouse balls? And then, in the mid-90s, the unthinkable — a cordless mouse! Surely desktop pointing technology had reached its zenith. Not so fast. You see, “cordless...
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Reviewed on 2012-08-13
Razer Naga 2012 vs. Cyborg M.M.O. 7 vs. Logitech G600 Massively multiplayer online gamers have different needs than those of first-person shooter or real-time strategy fans. They need social interaction. They need extremely comfortable chairs. But most of...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-23
A couple of years back when Razer introduced the Naga MMO gaming mouse, it seemed like gamers from all over the globe were clamoring for the new mouse. At the time, it was possibly the first of its kind to grace the market. It had tons of buttons, lights,...
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