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Logitech G602 Specs

Release Date in Hong Kong
DateAug 2013
Power sourceBatteries
Number of batteries supported2
Battery typeAA
Form factorRight-hand
Product colourBlack
Device interfaceRF Wireless
Movement detection technologyLaser
Scroll typeWheel
Buttons quantity11
Buttons typePressed buttons
Movement resolution2500 DPI
Recommended usagePC/notebook
Number of scroll wheels1

Reviews of Logitech G602

Reviewed on 2019-06-25
Lifewire / Gannon BurgettGreat ergonomicsSolid number of macro buttonsNo wiresLag-freeNo RGBRequires batteriesThe Logitech G602 is a wireless gaming mouse that gives you great sensitivity for the most demanding first-person shooters without...
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Reviewed on 2016-03-28
It has a great durability due to the material used in the casing, An extended battery life, It makes use of the standard AA batteries, Very comfortable to use, Great sensor
The weight of its battery is too much, There's no actual macro capability
The Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse is the most recent in Logitech's line of gaming mice. Logitech G602 truly gives you a value for your money with the highlighting 11 programmable buttons, 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a 2 millisecond report rate...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-25
In our most recent product review, we looked at the Logitech G502 Proteus Core and compared it to two of Logitech's most popular mice in history, the G5 and G9x. The G502 came away the clear winner in a number of ways, including balance, hand feel, smooth...
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Reviewed on 2015-01-05
Fantastic performance, excellent balance, seemingly-endless battery life, huge array of programmable buttons,
Rough grip surface may not be to everyone's liking, requires Logitech Gaming software for programming, rather than standard Logitech SetPoint software
This is our first product review of 2015, and to ring in the new year, we're bringing you a new review format. Rather than post reviews of every product that crosses our desk, as many review sites do, we'll be highlighting one product a month that we've t...
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Reviewed on 2014-07-03
Build Quality, Ergonomic Design, Very Accurate Tracking (Delta Zero LED Sensor), Good Performance (2500DPI/20G/80IPS), 11 Programmable Buttons, 2 Different Power Modes (Performance:250h/Endurance:1440h), Thumb Rest, Control Panel
Price (For Some), Uses Regular AA Batteries
Although I've used and tested over 60 different mice models from most manufacturers around so far i can't say that there have been many wireless ones that i would ever consider playing games with. As a matter of fact aside the very good R.A.T.9 by Mad Cat...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-08
Comfortable design for large hands, Flawless wireless performance, Excellent software
Cramped, unsatisfying thumb buttons, Not much difference between wireless modes, Limited DPI range
Many PC gamers are inherently suspicious of wireless mice. After all, when a split-second decision can make or break your entire game, why take chances? That said, as gamers look to PCs as alternatives to living-room consoles, high-quality wireless mice a...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-18
Gamers are picky about their gaming gear, and there's good reason to be; the smallest detail can throw off your game, whether it's an awkward design causing hand and wrist fatigue, or a crummy connection that stutters during precise actions. The Logitech...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-21
With the recent resurgence in the G series line of products for Logitech, they're really pushing the gaming hardware side of things. While the last re-releases were rebranding with minor changes, we finally have a new product that's a differentiator from ...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-15
It was only a short time ago that I was taking a look at Logitech's new G700s wireless gaming mouse. Not too long after that Logitech actually announced another wireless gaming mouse that would be sold alongside of the G700s, this one is called the G602. ...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-29
Meet the G602, Logitech's latest wireless gaming mouse for 2013 that isn't afraid to tell you all about its battery life specifications. That's because the G602 boasts an awe-inspiring battery life of up to 250 hours, or up to a staggering 1,440 hours ...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-28
There's no doubt about it: It's embarrassing to be caught with your pants down. All the shocked looks, the awkward explanations… Not that I'm speaking from experience, but, well, you know…Most gamers I know don't trust wireless gaming peripherals. Cable c...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-04
Wireless, Twelve buttons, Durable, Long battery life, Uses normal AA batteries, Good driver suite, Comfortable, Great sensor
Batteries weigh a lot, There is still a chance you will run out of juice during a gaming session, No real macro capability
Logitech has given their gaming-gear lineup a major overhaul, and today, we get to take a look at a brand-new wireless gaming mouse dubbed the G602. The G602 is a departure from the G500 in terms of design and specifications. Logitech's new design direct...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-07
The Logitech G602 is a very impressive looking gaming mouse that looks like something out of a science fiction movie with its stylish design and button layout. More importantly, Logitech have actually designed a very useful and reliable mouse for gamers w...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-19
Comfortable grip, with effective non-slip coatings, Great precision and response, 11 user-programmable buttons (left/right/middle, plus 8 custom), Excellent desktop software for customisation
No support for little finger, Thumb buttons aren't as accessible as they could be, Uses disposable batteries (2xAA)
Logitech's latest wireless gaming mouse has 8 customisable extra buttons (11 buttons total) for those PC games that like to bind half the keys on the keyboard to various in-game functions....
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Reviewed on 2014-01-23
Wireless, no cable mess, 250hours of life, Comfortable fit, for big or small hands, Typical Logitech quality, which is AMAZING!, Extra buttons available for your own desires
Wireless, feed it batteries doctor, it's dying!!!, Extra button layout on the left is a bit hard to distinguish, Cost – it's a bit high; I can get a top dollar wired mouse for the same money, Battery indicator on the mouse doesn't exactly work, too late t...
Recently we took a look at the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming mouse – what a beast it was. It was of great quality and in general just a great product, just as I'd expect from Logitech. So logically my next thought is to be just as impressed with the Logitech G...
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